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Call Us for Water Softener Systems in Aurora, IL

Like most homeowners, you assume that only safe water comes out of your faucets. You and your family members should have the ability to drink that water without fear of illness or poisoning.

Most municipal water sources won’t contain harmful pollutants. However, they may occasionally suffer from bacteria contamination. Your pipes may also erode with age and put hard metals into your drinking water.

To keep your water pure and your family safe, call Johnson Water Conditioning near Aurora, IL. We have over 75 years of industry experience, so you can count on us to deliver reliable and efficient products.

Learn More About Our Offerings

We offer our products to industrial, commercial, and residential clients in the Aurora area. Choose us whenever you need any of the following appliances:

  • Poured water softeners—Hard water leaves stains and deposits on everything it touches. It also dries skin and hair. A softener mitigates and even eliminates these problems.
  • Iron filters—Iron will not harm you in small doses, but it can leave stains and make your water taste unappetizing. We also carry filters to remove lead, bacteria, and other pollutants.
  • Reverse osmosis systems—These systems eliminate any impurities that enter your water, including dirt and minerals.
  • Chlorine injection systems—If you need your conditioning system to eliminate bacteria, choose the chlorine option. This system also takes care of abiotic pollutants, including hydrogen sulfide.

Whether you need filters or water softeners in Aurora, IL, call Johnson Water Conditioning at 630.832.9393 or 847.271.6995

We also provide service to North Aurora, Sugar Grove, Montgomery & surrounding areas

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