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Johnson Water Conditioning Serves Downer’s Grove, IL

Johnson Water Conditioning is proud to serve Downers Grove, IL, a historic city located 30 miles southwest of downtown Chicago. Pierce Downer, the town’s namesake, founded Downer’s Grove in 1832. In 1862 an important railroad line was built through the city, and in later years two of Illinois’ major toll roads became part of the village’s western and northern boundaries. These developments and many others have seen Downers Grove become a thriving community, home to 50,000 residents and a number of leading businesses, including FTD, Heartland Food Corporation, and HAVI Global Solutions.

Water Softeners

For a diverse selection of water softeners near Downer’s Grove, IL, our company is the one to call. We’ve been in business since 1936, designing top-quality commercial water softeners for customers throughout Chicagoland. Our water softeners are the perfect solution for hard water, a common problem in northern Illinois and the Great Lakes region. Hard water is known for its unusually high mineral content which can stain surfaces, clog pipes, and compromise the performance of appliances.

Our commercial water softeners are the best of the best, engineered to not only save you money in terms of energy, repair, and maintenance costs, but also prolong the lifetime and maximize the efficiency of your appliances. Moreover, you’ll reap the benefits of clean glassware and tableware, softer clothing and towels, and great-tasting water.

Water Filtration

Minerals like iron and calcium are beneficial to the human body, but too many of these minerals in your home’s water can actually be harmful because of the contaminants they carry. These minerals can also lend a foul smell and taste to the water you drink, bathe in, and do your household washing with. To eliminate these concerns, our water filtration company serving Downer’s Grove, IL highly recommends that every family in the Chicago area purchase a water filtration system.

Water filtration systems are proven to improve health, energy, and hydration levels by filtering out contaminants and bacteria that may enter your water supply. Other benefits to installing a water filtration system include cleaner, clearer water and ice, better-tasting beverages, and cleaner fruits and vegetables. And in the long run, a water filtration system is much more cost-effective than buying bottled water.

Reverse Osmosis System

“Reverse osmosis”, the process of utilizing a precise amount of pressure to force water through special membranes, is designed to purify water of large molecules, minerals, solid substances, and other unwanted ingredients. One of the biggest benefits of installing a reverse osmosis system in your home is its ability to remove lead from your drinking water. Excess quantities of lead can cause a number of health problems, including increased blood pressure and anemia.

A reverse osmosis system also purifies water of sodium, a mineral whose molecules are too large to pass through the system’s membranes. Sodium-free water is of substantial benefit to everyone, especially people with kidney, liver, or blood pressure issues who may be on a sodium-restricted diet.

Contact us to learn more about the many benefits provided by Johnson Water Conditioning. Expert technicians, factory-direct pricing, and the industry’s best warranty are just a phone call away.

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