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Excellent Water Conditioning Services in Oswego, Illinois

For decades, Johnson Water Conditioning in Oswego, IL has provided homeowners and businesses in Oswego, IL the best selection of high quality water softener installation and repair services available.

We have the best service and installation department available to residents of Oswego, IL. We want our customers in Oswego, IL to have only the best water conditioning in their home. That is why we only offer high quality water softeners and drinking water system that are the most efficient products on the market today.

Johnson Water Conditioning has been in business since 1936. We are not a mail order company. We service and install every water softener, iron filter, reverse osmosis drinking water system, chlorine injection, and hydrogen peroxide system that we sell in Oswego, IL. Our staff of skilled technicians can handle any repair or installation. For all of your water conditioning equipment needs, contact Johnson Water Conditioning today.

Here are some of the services provided by Johnson Water Conditioning in Yorkville, IL:

  • Free water testing for hardness, iron sulfur and total dissolved Solids
  • Free estimates on sizing the right equipment for your family
  • We also rent everything that we sell
  • Residential and commercial service

We Help Oswego, IL Residents with Water Conditioning Equipment and Services

Our technicians can repair and install any make, model, or type of water conditioning product for both residential and commercial customers. Whether your water is supplied by a private well or the city we have the water treatment system for you.

We enjoy helping our customers make an educated decision about their water conditioning needs, and we’re thrilled at the possibility of helping you too. Contact us today for more information on the water conditioning services we provide in Oswego, IL.

Water Quality in Oswego, Illinois

The Oswego city water supply contains hardness minerals (Calcium and Magnesium) and can be effectively treated with a Johnson water softener. These minerals will form a scale that will build up in your plumbing system, water heaters, dishwasher, washing machine, and coffee maker. Installing an, efficient Johnson water conditioning system will eliminate hard water problems by removing calcium and magnesium from the water supply. The current water mineral content for Oswego city water is as follows:

Hardness: 13.3 grains per gallon
Iron: .5 parts per million
PH: 7

Oswego Annual Quality Water Report

Have Questions?

Contact Johnson Water Conditioning today for more information on water softeners and drinking water systems.

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