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Water Conditioning Services in Villa Park, IL

Purify Your Water with Chlorine Injection Systems and Water Softeners in Villa Park, IL

Whether you need water conditioners, chlorine injection systems, or water softeners in Villa Park, IL, we have the water treatment products you’re searching for. At Johnson Water Conditioning Co., we offer direct factory pricing on our large inventory and free installation so you can benefit from clean water at an affordable price.

Our Products

With over 75 years of experience with water treatment methods and technology, we provide efficient products to residential, commercial, and industrial clients throughout the Chicago area. Our product inventory includes the following water treatment systems:

  • Filters – Filters provide better tasting water and remove lead, iron, bacteria, contaminants, and other harmful substances from water sources. We offer an array of filtration services, including Airwise, Backwashing Centaur, and Birm iron filters.
  • Chlorine injection systems – Chlorine injections eliminate impurities, including iron, hydrogen sulfide, and bacteria.
  • Reverse osmosis systems– Convenient and economical, reverse osmosis drinking water systems will dissolve impurities, remove dirt and foul odors, and hold a large amount of purified water until its ready for use.
  • Hot water softeners – Ideal for restaurants, hot water softeners are designed to remove calcium, magnesium, and other minerals from the water supply. Once the minerals are removed, water won’t leave spots on dishes and glasses.

Homeowners, business owners, and project managers rely on clean water for a wide range of purposes, including drinking, bathing, and working. Our advanced water treatment systems will satisfy the demands of any home or industry.

Contact us at 847.271.6995 or 630.832.9393 for a free estimate and installation.

We also provide service for Lombard, Addison, Medinah & Westmont

What Our Customers Are Saying

Installation of water softener done promptly and professionally. Nearly a year later had a problem with the intake valve and the response was almost immediate with the replacement and repair. Technicians are helpful and knowledgeable. Enjoy working with this company.
Jim Kopchok

Great company to work with. Responded immediately. Kept their appointment time, and Jason Shipp spent a long time with me educating me on our water softening unit and our water quality since we just purchased the house and I have zero experience with it. He was a super nice person and even gave me his cell number in the event I had any questions. Customer-focused company that recognizes an educated customer is the best customer—when I called to make an appointment, whoever answered actually gave me a history on the unit since they serviced it before! So nice to deal with a company like that!
Trish Biehl

One of the best experiences I’ve had with a service company! Jason arrived at our home early within the service call window and was friendly and professional from the start. He quickly identified the problem with our water softener and also quickly fixed it. He was very patient with me as I asked a hundred questions about the repair, about the results of the water tests, etc. Jason also walked me through a few options for replacing our extremely old softener unit and a recommendation on how to improve the quality of the water. But he was never pushy or tried to get me to commit to additional work immediately. He also took some extra time to look at and give recommendations on items not related to the service call. The price was very fair as well. We will definitely be using Johnson Water Conditioning again!
Tracie Jasper

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