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Water Conditioning Services in Prospect Heights, IL

In Prospect Heights, IL, the drinking water is regularly treated with chlorine and can sometimes have traces of iron, both of which can affect the taste of your water. There may also be hints of barium and other contaminants in your water, and if you pull your water from a well, it may not be entirely clear what’s in your drinking water.

No matter where your water comes from, Johnson Water Conditioning offers effective water conditioning systems to keep your water tasting fresh and clean. We supply and install several types of conditioning systems, and our products are sure to get you the best water treatment possible.

Rely on Our More Than 80 Years of Experience

Whether you need a water softener for mineral-rich water or a reverse osmosis filter system for foul-tasting water, we’ve got what you need. We can install systems that will ensure your well water is safe to drink, or systems that improve the flavor and hardness of your water. We specialize in water treatment systems of all types, including:

  • Commercial water conditioners
  • Hydrogen peroxide injection systems
  • Hot water softeners
  • Iron filtration systems
  • Chlorine injection systems

Let us take care of all your Prospect Heights, IL, water needs with our reliable water treatment systems. Give us a call today at 630.832.9393 or 847.271.6995 for a free estimate, or use our estimate request form to the right.

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