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Water Softening and Water Conditioning in Lockport, IL

Lockport, Illinois contains a population of around 25,000 residents and is located approximately 30 miles southwest of Chicago. Situated along the historic Illinois and Michigan Canal as well as the Des Plaines River, it’s a city that knows a little something about water.

If you’re interested utilizing water conditioning or water softening in Lockport, Johnson Water Conditioning is the company to call. In business for over 80 years, we offer only the best in water conditioning installation, maintenance, and repair. Utilize our services today!

Water Softening

One of the most common problems that Lockport residents face with their water is that it’s “hard”. Because the area’s soil is inundated with calcium and magnesium, the area’s water ends up being inundated with those minerals as well. As a result, functional issues arise.

Fortunately, there’s a way to do away with the calcium and magnesium in your water: you can use a water softener. Over the years, Johnson has installed water softeners for countless Lockport residents and businesses. Regardless of the size of your water supply, we can accommodate you.

Hot Water Softening in Lockport

The fact of the matter is that it’s impossible to run a restaurant without the use of a commercial dishwasher. In turn, it’s impossible to optimally run a commercial dishwasher without the use of a hot water softener. Hot water softeners eliminate the risk of limescale buildup, thus helping to produce the cleanest dishes possible.

If you’re in need of a hot water softener in Lockport, Johnson is the company to call. We manufacture only the best in hot water softeners and have installed them in countless restaurants throughout the area. Contact us today!

Reverse Osmosis

When water is first brought up from the ground, it’s filled with a variety of contaminants. Everything from minerals, to chemicals, to bacteria can affect the quality of water, ultimately making it less drinkable.

Fortunately, there is a way to remove all of these contaminants from your water supply—you can install a reverse osmosis system. These systems are designed to produce the purest and smoothest drinking water possible. If you’re looking to install a reverse osmosis system in order to establish a steady stream of pure drinking water in your home, we here at Johnson can assist you.

Chemical Injection

If you get your water from a well, it likely contains excessive amounts of iron, manganese, and sulfur. Harmful bacteria could be living in your water supply as well. Together, these contaminants can cause your water to have foul smells and poor tastes.

The good news is that you can neutralize these contaminants with the use of chemical injection systems. Johnson manufactures two types of chemical injection systems: chlorine injection systems and hydrogen peroxide systems. Discuss your needs by contacting us today!

Iron Filtration

Another popular method for removing iron, manganese, and sulfur is the iron filtration system. These systems are commonly used in correlation with well water systems, helping to eliminate foul odors, unsavory tastes, and other issues associated with well water.

Johnson manufactures only the best in iron filtration systems. If you’re looking for one in the Lockport area, we’re the company to call.

Take Advantage of Johnson’s Lockport Water Softening Services

If you are looking for water softening services in Lockport, Johnson Water Conditioning is the company to call. In business for over 80 years, we’ve helped thousands of Lockport residents purify their home’s water.

Featuring a team of seasoned and skilled water purification specialists, we offer only the best in water softening installation, repair, and maintenance. If you’re in need of our services, you can contact us today at (630) 832-9393!

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