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Benefiting from a Reverse Osmosis System; Insights from a Lake in the Hills, Illinois Water Softening Company

When it comes to obtaining pure drinking water, there’s no better conditioning system to turn to than the reverse osmosis system. Reverse osmosis systems are designed to remove almost all of the contaminants from water, making it as smooth and as drinkable as possible.

Wanting to learn a little more about reverse osmosis water softening systems in Lake in the Hills, Illinois? Let’s discuss their benefits and characteristics below.

What are the Upsides to Reverse Osmosis Systems?

Reverse osmosis systems are highly effective, offering a number of benefits. Some of the biggest benefits of reverse osmosis systems include the following.

Produce Better-tasting Water

Looking to taste water in as pure a form as possible? A reverse osmosis system will accommodate you. These systems remove the vast majority of minerals, chemicals, and bacteria from water, allowing its natural taste to shine through.

Remove Harmful Substances

Water is filled with a wide variety of contaminants, some of which pose no threat, and some of which can be harmful. Reverse osmosis systems work to remove them all. As such, when using a reverse osmosis system, you won’t have to worry about consuming lead, arsenic, radium, or any other harmful contaminants.

Are Inexpensive to Operate

Reverse osmosis systems surely use a great deal of energy, right? Not at all. In most cases, reverse osmosis systems use no electricity whatsoever, allowing them to operate at almost no cost over time.

The truth is, these systems are almost entirely driven by water pressure. As long as there’s water running through them, they will perform their function.

Take Up Very Little Space

Water conditioning systems come in a range of different sizes. Whereas some are the size of a closet door, others are the size of a cabinet. Reverse osmosis systems fit into the latter group. In other words, you don’t have to worry about your reverse osmosis system taking up a lot of space.

Easy to Maintain

Like all water conditioning systems, reverse osmosis systems require maintenance from time to time in order to thrive. That being said, the amount of maintenance needed by a reverse osmosis system is fairly low. Generally speaking, filter changes and occasional cleanings will get the job done.

What are the Limitations of Reverse Osmosis Systems?

While reverse osmosis systems are highly beneficial, they do have some limitations. The most prominent of these limitations include the following.

Can’t Accommodate All Water Needs

Simply put, reverse osmosis systems are designed for drinking water purposes. They are not efficient enough to keep up with a home’s total water needs (i.e. showers, baths, laundry, etc.).

To purify the rest of the water in your home, you’ll have to use another system (or systems) in tandem with your reverse osmosis system. This could include anything from a water softener, to a chemical injection system, or otherwise.

Strip Water of Some Beneficial Minerals

While reverse osmosis systems do remove bad contaminants from water supplies, they remove some good minerals as well. These good minerals include everything from magnesium, to calcium, to iron, and more. As such, in order to consume sufficient amounts of these minerals, you’ll have to find them elsewhere.

Looking to Install a Reverse Osmosis or Water Softening System in Lake in the Hills?

Are you ready to benefit from a reverse osmosis system in Lake in the Hills, Illinois? If so, Johnson Water Conditioning is the company to call.

Our team of water purification specialists has installed reverse osmosis systems in countless homes throughout Lake in the Hills. We would be happy to install one in yours as well.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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