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Eliminate High Levels Of Hydrogen Sulfide And Iron With Our State Of The Art, High Efficiency, On-demand Hydrogen Peroxide Injection System

General Explanation:

    • This Hydrogen Peroxide system is designed to remove dissolved impurities in your water such as iron and hydrogen sulfide.
    • Using a metering device (C) the system knows exactly how much water in gallons per minute that you are using in your home. The metering device sends a signal to the peroxide chemical feed pump (E) and tells the pump exactly how much peroxide to inject into the raw water coming from your well.
    • The hydrogen peroxide is used to drop out or oxidize the impurities in your water.
    • The 12″x52″ mixing tank (F) is installed to mix the peroxide with your water to achieve additional contact time with the peroxide ensuring that the impurities are completely oxidized out of the water.
    • The centaur carbon filter (H) is used to remove any residual peroxide that is not used in the oxidation process.
    • This system is designed so that we can leave your outside water untreated.

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After your Hydrogen Peroxide injection system has been installed, there are a few care and maintenance tasks to perform to ensure proper water treatment.

    1. Keep the Peroxide tank (G) supplied with Hydrogen Peroxide solution. The solution is usually straight 8% Hydrogen Peroxide. Therefore, we usually start by adding one 5-gallon container of 8% Hydrogen Peroxide solution to the Peroxide tank (G). This mixture could vary depending on the severity of the containments in your water and may need to be diluted with water from the fill tap (I) or strengthened by using a stronger 34% Hydrogen Peroxide solution.
    2. You will need to flush the residue from the bottom of the 12″x52″ mixing tank (F) using the flush valve (K) at least once a month.
    3. The centaur carbon filter (H) has a water meter that will measure the water that your family uses and will only regenerate when it is fully exhausted. When this centaur carbon filter, (H) is in regeneration it is not filtering the water so make sure that you keep the timer set to the correct time. (See owner’s manual for timer setting instructions)
    4. The media in the centaur carbon filter (H) is used to remove residual peroxide from the water. This media absorbs the peroxide. When the media is fully exhausted it will need to be changed. You will most likely notice a slight odor in the water when this occurs. Just give us a call and we can easily take care of this for you. Most systems that we install need to have their filter media replaced somewhere between two and four years. We will send you a reminder to have your Centaur Carbon Filter changed every (2) years.
    5. Some cleaning maintenance will be needed on the pump (E) and the injection point (D). For information on this, please refer to the chemical feed pump owner’s manual.

You can also call our service department for any technical support that is needed.

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