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Understanding the Different Types of Water Softening in Arlington Heights

Purified water from the tap at a house in Arlington Heights, IllinoisSince its beginning, water purification has revolutionized the consumption and use of water. By removing contaminants from water on a consistent basis, water purification systems have vastly increased both the functionality and safety of water.

The question you might have is: what are the different types of water purification in Arlington Heights, and what exactly do they do? We’re going to get into that question below.

Water Softener

Water softeners work by trading sodium ions for calcium and magnesium ions. In doing so, they make water “soft”, thereby taking away a number of undesirable traits.

What are these traits? They vary from limescale buildup, to mineral buildup, to skin and hair impairment, and more.

Because the water in Arlington Heights is considered to be particularly hard, and because the above-reviewed traits are so bothersome, many Arlington Heights residents make use of water softeners in their homes. If you’re looking for the most functional water possible, it’s recommended that you install one as well.

Reverse Osmosis System

Do you like to drink bottled water? If so, you might consider establishing a continuous stream of it in your home. All you have to do is install a reverse osmosis system.

Reverse osmosis systems remove essentially all of the contaminants from water, including everything from chemicals, to minerals, to bacteria, and more. In doing so, they produce a high-quality form of drinking water — one that is exceedingly clean and pure.

One thing to note here is that reverse osmosis systems can’t take the place of other systems on this list, but they can serve as excellent supplements.

Iron Filtration System

Do you get your water from a well? If so, there’s a chance that it’s filled with excess amounts of iron. This is particularly true if there’s orange staining on your shower walls and water faucets.

Fortunately, there’s a filtration system that does away with iron in water. That filtration system is, of course, the iron filtration system. However, it doesn’t stop at iron alone. It filters out manganese as well. As a result, it produces water that’s void of strange tastes, staining capabilities, and mineral buildup properties.

Chlorine Injection System

Another purification system that can help treat well water is the chlorine injection system. This system injects small amounts of chlorine into water, thereby eliminating any iron, manganese, bacteria, or hydrogen sulfide that exist within it. Then, once these entities have been eliminated, the system filters out the chlorine as well, making for a pure form of water.

Chlorine injection systems offer a number of benefits. Not only do they eliminate water staining capabilities and poor-tasting water, but they also eradicate poor-smelling water as well, all while removing any potentially harmful bacteria.

Hydrogen Peroxide Injection System

Hydrogen peroxide injection systems operate in the same general way as chlorine injection systems. The only difference is in the chemical that they inject.

The results are essentially identical to those associated with chlorine injection systems: the eradication of iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, and bacteria, and the elimination of water staining, poor-tasting water, poor-smelling water, and water-borne sickness.

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In Need of Water Softening in Arlington Heights?

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We’ve installed water purification systems in countless homes throughout the Arlington Heights area. Whether you want a water softener, a reverse osmosis system, or otherwise, we can accommodate you.

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