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Centaur® Chemical Draw System

Centaur® Chemical Draw System Featuring the Fleck 2510. Filter Valve


  • The Centaur media’s large surface area provides extremely high capacities
  • Hard granules reduce loss by attrition
  • Non-impregnated carbon
  • Only periodic backwash required
  • Removal of H2S, iron and organics

Physical Properties of Media:

  • Color: Black
  • Form: Granular
  • Density: 33#/cu.ft.
  • 12×40 Mesh
  • Size: 0.80 mm
  • Iodine No = 825 minimum

Filter Controls:

  • Fleck 2510 filter valve
  • Programmable days to regenerate
  • 5-cycle regeneration for minimum water usage
  • Durable Fleck 2510 filter valve with lifetime parts warranty

Centaur® activated carbon is a non-impregnated catalytic carbon used to oxidize H2S and iron for easy filtering removal. Because it is non-impregnated, it is more readily disposed. Periodic backwashing is necessary to eliminate the accumulated oxidized matter and reclassify the filter bed.

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