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4 Reasons That You Need to Start Cooking with Soft Water

When cooking food, there are a number of factors that you have to consider. Not only do you have to use the exact amount of required ingredients, you have to consider the quality of those ingredients as well.

The water that you use to cook should be no exception to this. You wouldn’t use half-spoiled apples to make an apple pie, so why would you use hard, unpurified water to boil spaghetti?

The put it simply: the best type of water for cooking purposes is soft water.

Wondering why this is the case? We’ll be glad to tell you. Here are 4 reasons that you need to start cooking with soft water.

Improves Food Texture

While everyone understands the importance of a food’s taste, many underestimate the importance of a food’s texture. In some cases, an unpleasant texture can ruin the entire appeal of a food, even if it tastes fantastic.

What you might not realize is that the quality of water that you cook with can greatly alter the texture of your food. Because hard water is filled with minerals such as calcium and magnesium, food that is made with the use of hard water can also become filled with these hard minerals.

If you’re baking bread, or cookies, or something else of the sort, these minerals can result in a rather stiff and unpleasant food.

Soft water is void of these minerals, and will therefore allow other ingredients to maintain their natural texture.

Provides a Greater Taste

When you’re making a specific food such as cookies, or pie, or lasagna, you want it to taste like what it is. You don’t want other tastes bleeding into it and ruining its overall taste.

But by using hard water, this is exactly what you’re doing. Hard water is filled with minerals which alter the overall taste of the water. By using this water as one of your ingredients, you are also using the minerals that come with it.

Minerals such as iron and hydrogen sulfide often carry a taste that is similar to that of rotten eggs. This is obviously not a taste you want infiltrating your foods.

By using soft water, you’ll be keeping the taste of your foods as pure as possible.

Allows for Quicker Cooking

Something you might not think about when using water to cook is how it affects the speed at which you cook.

Because hard water is filled with hard minerals, it possesses a higher boiling point. What this essentially means is that you’ll have to use more intense temperatures to boil hard water.

If you’re boiling vegetables or something else of the sort, these more intense temperatures can harm the flavor and consistency of your food.

Soft water enables you to keep temperatures at a hot, but reasonable temperature, ensuring that your food is cooked thoroughly in an adequate amount of time.

Offers Smoother Drink Consistency

The last reason that you need to start cooking with soft water is that it offers a much smoother drink consistency.

Using hard water to create coffee, tea, or other drinks will almost certainly cause your beverages to feel heavy and sharp, for lack of better words. Beverages which contain hard water can almost feel difficult to drink.

Soft water, on the other hand, will allow your beverages to go down smoothly. They will possess a light, airy quality that feels terrific in the mouth and on the throat.

Start Cooking with Soft Water!

If you’re sold on getting rid of hard water, and cooking with soft water (and for your sake, we hope you are), you’re going to need a water purification system.

Live in the Chicago area? If so, we here at Johnson Water Conditioning Company have got you covered. We manufacture and install water conditioning systems of all kinds, from water softeners, to reverse osmosis systems, and more.

Start cooking the right way by contacting us today!

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