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5 Frequent Hard Water Problems in Naperville, Illinois

The simple fact of the matter is that hard water is a nuisance. While some people learn to live with it, it is a constant source of irritation.

Unfortunately, hard water is a big problem in Naperville. In fact, the entire town is overrun with the hard water minerals of magnesium and calcium. When left unchecked, these minerals can cause quite a few issues within your water and within your water system.

Here are 5 frequent hard water problems in Naperville, Illinois.

1. Skin Dryness

Do you suffer from chronic skin dryness? Does your home make use of hard water? If so, the two conditions could very well be linked. It has been found that hard water often contributes to the condition of dry skin.

Because soap can’t dissolve as well in hard water as it does in soft water, it almost always leaves a thin layer of soap on the skin after showers. This remaining layer of soap does not clean the body any better; it only serves to clog pores.

When your pores become clogged, your skin can’t become moisturized, fostering skin dryness.

2. Bitter Tastes

If you’ve ever had a drink of water only to find that it was bitter and unsavory, it was likely inundated with hard water minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

The only way to eliminate this bitter taste in your water is to eliminate those minerals which cause the bad taste. A water purification system in Naperville will do just that.

3. Clogged Pipes

One of the more frustrating problems you’ll run into when using hard water is the clogging of your water pipes. The longer you use hard water in your pipes, the more clogged your pipes will become.

The reason for this is that the minerals in your hard water are sticking to the sides of your pipes. Over time, as the minerals stick more and more, they begin to build up, essentially cutting off the flow of water.

Soft water, on the other hand, will not produce this effect. Because it’s void of calcium and magnesium, it will leave your water pipes free from mineral buildup.

4. Limescale Buildup

One of the biggest troubles you’ll run into when using hard water is limescale buildup. This buildup occurs due to the hard minerals which exist within a water supply.

Limescale buildup typically presents itself on metal appliances such as shower heads and metal sinks. It possesses a chalky, white appearance, and can ruin the look of an otherwise aesthetically-appealing appliance.

Fortunately, you can do away with limescale buildup entirely by making use of a water softening system in Naperville. Any water filtration company worth doing business with will be able to get the job done for you successfully.

5. Lack of Suds

Washing your hands with hard water is entirely different from washing your hands with soft water. Where does this difference primarily present itself? In the amount of suds which the respective types of water produce.

Whereas soft water produces a substantial amount of soap suds, hard water produces just a small amount of soap suds. With few suds available, it can be difficult for hard water to wash your hands thoroughly.

To reap the benefits of sudsy soap, all you have to do is remove the hard water minerals from your water.

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