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5 Useful Things Water Does for You

Anyone with a basic knowledge of the earth and the life forms on it understands that water is vital. Even far-fetched science fiction novels and movies acknowledge the importance of water as the eternal source of life.

Since water covers nearly 70% of the earth’s surface and makes up over 60% of the human body, it’s obvious that water is a valuable commodity. Everyone uses and interacts with water on a daily basis, but water still does plenty that might surprise you.

Read on to discover five unexpected things water accomplishes.

1. Water Dissolves Substances

If you’ve ever heard the term “water soluble,” you probably understand that it means something that dissolves in water. Because water is a polar molecule, it acts as a solvent or dissolver to countless solids.

Some common substances water dissolves include salt, sugar, coffee, and other foods. On the other hand, things like pepper, sand, and plastic will not dissolve in water. The solid’s temperature and size affect its ability to dissolve in water.

2. Water Cleans

People know that water works great for washing dishes, your car, your hair, and even the kitchen floor. But what about less obvious things, such as the insides of your body or your teeth?

In fact, water helps to cleanse the body of excess salt, which in turn reduces blood pressure and lowers the risk of stroke and heart disease.

Every time you go to the bathroom or sweat, you’re clearing your body of potentially harmful toxins. A well-hydrated body receives less exposure to harmful, cancer-causing toxins.

Lastly, drinking plenty of water-particularly following a meal or snack-helps protect your teeth from cavities. Water helps to rinse your mouth by encouraging a flow of saliva. Thus, water and saliva wash away acid and other cavity-causing debris.

3. Water Reduces Friction

Because many things float in water, the liquid often gently cushions otherwise heavy objects. For instance, water is a primary component in your body’s synovial fluid. This liquid surrounds your joints, where it acts as a lubricant and shock absorber.

When water abounds in your body, the bones and cartilage in your joints experience less friction and last longer as a result. Thus, staying hydrated could even reduce your risk of getting arthritis later in life.

4. Water Improves Your Appearance

You may have heard that high-quality, or “soft,” water improves the look and feel of your hair, skin, and even nails. In addition to these benefits, water has the ability to aid you in your quest to consume a healthy diet.

Because water doesn’t have any calories or fat, it’s the perfect beverage to provide guilt-free hydration. What’s more, water is a proven appetite suppressant. Those who drink a sensible amount of water before meals will be less likely to overeat.

The human body also uses water to aid nearly every one of its functions, including digestion and metabolic function. Staying hydrated helps your metabolism function at optimum speed.

5. Water Runs the World

The simple water molecule has some amazing properties that establish its critical role on earth. To begin with, water is the only natural substance to commonly occur in all three states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas. Plus, as a solid, water forms a complex molecular pattern, and some water molecules still remain in that shape even after melting.

And thanks to the never-ending water cycle, the water that existed eons ago still remains in use today. Water constantly moves from sea to sky to rain to earth and back again. Water’s ability to remain throughout the ages is something to consider the next time you take a sip.

From dams and hydroelectric power to a simple toilet flush, water holds a huge place in our world. The next time you’re tempted to leave the sink on while you brush, think about the unlimited possibilities of each drop.

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