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6 Types of Water Conditioning Systems in Warrenville, Illinois

In most cases, homes and businesses without water conditioning systems in Warrenville, Illinois are homes which use hard water. While hard water isn’t necessarily terrible, it does typically carry with it a number of negative effects. You would be wise to get rid of it.

But what can be used to eliminate hard water? What type of water conditioning systems are there?

Here are 6 types of water conditioning systems in Warrenville, Illinois.

Simple Fiber Filtration

The simplest water conditioning system out there is a fiber filtration system. Fiber filters can be attached directly to your faucets, allowing them to filter water right before it’s released.

These filters are useful for removing large earth sediment that you might get with well water, but they are not adept at filtering out smaller minerals. For this reason, they are not a permanent fix.

While simple fiber filtration can yield decent results at times, it will still allow for some clothes staining as well as for some unsavory tastes and aromas.

Simple Carbon Filtration

Similar to simple fiber filters are simple carbon filters. These filters are a little more functional than fiber filters, but are still lacking when compared to more sophisticated options.

They will catch smaller particles than fiber filters, and can often be attached to your faucets in the same manner.

While they’re decent for filtering drinking water, they are not great long-term options.

Hydrogen Peroxide Injection System

Hydrogen peroxide injection systems are complex water conditioning systems which make use of several different components. Not only do they filter water, they also inject it with a dose of hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide works to eliminate impurities in your water, making it as mineral-free and crystal clear as possible.

There are no huge downsides to these systems other than the fact that they tend to cost a little more than other systems.

Chlorine Injection System

Chlorine injection systems are a lot like hydrogen peroxide injection systems. The only real difference is that they inject chlorine instead of hydrogen peroxide.

Making use of several components, they filter water thoroughly to ensure that all small minerals are removed.

It should be noted that they have to be regularly filled with chlorine in order to function correctly.

Reverse Osmosis System 

Reverse osmosis systems are the ultimate filtration systems. They will remove just about any mineral that comes into contact with your water.

And the best part is that they’ll do it for free after they’ve been installed. While they can be a little expensive initially, they come with essentially no maintenance costs.

The only problem with these systems is that they will actually remove some beneficial minerals from your water such as sodium and magnesium. However, you can usually find these minerals in other foods.

Commercial Water Softener

Commercial water softeners are essentially just typical water softeners which are built big enough to accommodate the water supplies of large buildings and warehouses.

These softeners will remove the vast majority of harmful minerals from water, making it sufficient for drinking, bathing, and cleaning purposes.

Commercial water softeners can be customized to accommodate water supplies of all sizes.

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