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Burning Up This Summer? 7 Ways to Use Water to Cool Yourself Down

After years of experiencing hot summers, you feel like you’ve finally hit your breaking point. This last summer has been abhorrently hot, and you aren’t sure how much more you (or your air conditioner) can handle.

But you don’t have to sacrifice feeling cool and comfortable to save a few dollars on your utility bills. All you need is a few easily accessible items and some water to cool yourself down. Below, we’ve provided you with several tips so you can beat the heat and enjoy a comfortable summer.

1. Take a Cold Shower

Perhaps the fastest way to cool yourself off during a heat wave is to take a cold shower. Or, if you prefer, you can fill the tub up with cold water and bask in a cool bath for as long as you’d like without wasting too much water. The chilly water will instantly help you feel more comfortable.

If you don’t have time to take a shower or bath, place your head over a sink and lightly splash cold water on your face. Or, you can get a washcloth wet to dab your face with or place on the back of your neck.

2. Increase Your Daily Water Intake

When you spend a lot of time in the heat, your body sweats in an effort to keep cool. As a result, your body’s water levels become depleted. If you don’t consume enough water, you put your body at risk for dehydration. Your body also is at risk for poor blood circulation, and your body temperature can get higher, making you feel hotter than necessary.

To combat these side effects, increase your daily water intake. The water regulates your body temperature and carries heat away from your organs to prevent heat stroke. And, the more water you drink to replenish your body’s current levels, the healthier you’ll feel.

On average, you’ll want to drink about 64 ounces of water a day, but if you exercise frequently, you’ll want to increase that amount. Your doctor can tell you more.

If you can, avoid drinking water that’s too cold. Your body can more easily process water that’s warmer, like tap water. If you don’t like the taste of your tap water, you may want to add a water softener or a water filtration system to improve it.

3. Use Ice During Your Workout

Perhaps you’d like a way to stay cool before you even get hot. If you use ice during your workout or outdoor activities, you can keep chill at any time. All you need to do is fill an old knee-high stocking (or a similar, thin material) with ice and attach it to your workout or outdoor clothing-you can pin it to the front or back of your shirt.

The ice will slowly melt and drip cold water down your back or chest, keeping you cool throughout your routine or activity.

If you don’t like the idea of melted ice dripping down you, you can always get a bandana wet and tie it around your head or wrists to keep cool.

4. Spritz Yourself Off

Sometimes, you might not be able to access ice, showers, or wet bandanas. In these situations, a spray bottle will become your best friend. You can cool yourself down by spritzing a mist of water over yourself on a particularly hot day. And, if you purchase a spray bottle that has a battery-powered fan attached to it, you can fan yourself after each spray.

These devices are particularly helpful in cooling you down because the fan blows air that causes the water to evaporate, which helps you feel cooler.

5. Repurpose Your Hot Water Bottle

If you own a hot water bottle, then you’ve likely used it to relax tense muscles or stay toasty on cold winter nights. But did you know that you can repurpose your hot water bottle during the summer? The bottle’s design works much like a thermos, so cold things will stay cool for a long time. Just fill your hot water bottle with cold water and stick it under your comforter to stay cool while you sleep.

6. Visit the Pool or Splash Pad

If you have time after work or during the day on a weekend, visit your local rec center or water park. Or, stop by a splash pad if you have one nearby. And if you have kids, these locations are a great way to spend time outdoors and out of the house.

7. Play Outdoor Water Games

Outdoor water games are an easy way to cool down if you can’t get to a pool or splash pad. Games like water balloon fights and water volleyball can keep kids active and cool no matter the time of day.

Ready to take a break from the heat? Use the tips above to take advantage of water’s cooling power. If you need help installing systems like a water softener or a water filter, get in touch with Johnson Water Conditioning. We want you to stay cool and hydrated all summer long, and we provide the services and products you need to have soft, tasty water in your home.

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