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Common Water Problems in Illinois

Due to the fact that the United States is so large, different parts of the country have water with different qualities. Whereas some areas of the country are generally free of hard water minerals such as manganese and iron, others have a high concentration of these minerals.

Illinois water, and particularly northern Illinois water, is filled with hard water minerals. These minerals can cause a number of different problems.

Here are some common water problems in Illinois.

Harshly Scented Water

Have you ever come across water that has an unpleasant odor? Maybe your own water smells this way? If so, it’s nothing out of the ordinary. This is a common water problem in Illinois.

The reason that your water smells bad is because of the hydrogen sulfide contained within your water. This chemical compound releases a gas which is not harmful, but which emits an overwhelming smell.

Fortunately, you can do away with hydrogen sulfide by installing a water conditioner. Regardless of whether you install a softener, a chemical injection system, or a reverse osmosis system, your water will lose its unpleasant scent.


Another problem that the waters of Illinois can potentially thrust upon you is staining. Perhaps you’ve noticed staining in your shower, by your water fixtures, or on your clothing? If so, your water is likely the culprit.

Water stains come in many different colors because they are caused by different substances in the water. Whereas red stains are typically caused by iron in your water, pink stains are typically caused by bacteria in your water.

You can do away with these stains by doing away with the substances in your water. A water conditioner, like those sold and installed by Johnson Water Conditioning, will get the job done.

Malfunctioning Water Pipes

Does the water in your home tend to come out in spurts? Have you noticed inconsistencies in water pressure over a prolonged period of time? Are you generally unsatisfied with your overall water pressure? If so, your water itself could be the problem.

When water is hard, it’s filled with hard minerals such as iron and manganese. While you can’t see these minerals, they are certainly present. Over time, these minerals will build up on the sides of your water pipes, making them more and more narrow.

At some point, the mineral buildup will become so extreme that it will start to affect the water pressure in the pipe. This is when you will start to experience low or inconsistent pressure.

You can save you water pipes a great deal of wear and tear by removing these hard minerals from your water.

Poor Tasting Water

Not only can Illinois water possess an unpleasant odor, it can taste awful as well. While the poor taste typically isn’t as extreme as the poor smell, it’s still noticeable enough to ruin your thirst for water.

The cause of poor-tasting water is sulfate that’s present in your water. This sulfate is capable of bringing metal pipe particles along with it as it flows through your water, producing a taste that can best be described as metallic.

While some don’t mind this taste, others find it repulsive. If you want to get rid of it, you can do so with the use of a water conditioning system.

Are You Suffering from Any of These Common Water Problems?

Have you noticed any of the problems described above affecting your water in Naperville and Medinah? Are you looking to correct those problems? If so, Johnson Water Conditioning can help.

We supply and install water conditioners of all types, from water softeners, to reverse osmosis systems, to chlorine injection systems, and more. Our team of specialists is well-equipped to install one of these water conditioners in your home.

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