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Does Your Business Need a Water Softener?

As a business owner, you must keep many factors in mind when you make decisions about your products, facilities, and services. When you start to consider renovations or upgrades to your office building, warehouse, or processing facility, you have to decide if the renovation represents a smart investment in the future of your business.

One of the renovations that can be difficult to decide on is a commercial water softener. You may wonder if you use enough water for a softener to make a discernable difference. While not all commercial properties need water softeners, this product can be a significant improvement for many businesses.

In this blog, we list some of the situations where a commercial water softener is a great investment in the progress of your business.

You Rely on Water for Processing

If your business uses water for producing products or providing services, a water softener may make an immediate and distinct difference. For example, if you run a boiler plant, hard water can build up in your equipment, necessitating more frequent cleanings and unexpected breaks in production.

Similarly, if you run a laundromat or car wash, hard water can waste money because water quality affects cleaning solvent efficiency. Soap lathers less in hard water than in soft water, cleaning supplies must be used in higher concentrations to achieve the same results, and hard water can leave soap residue even after rinsing.

If you need clean, reliable water to run your business, make a commercial water softener a priority.

You Want to Make Your Business More Sustainable

Hard water is high in mineral content, so it leaves mineral deposits on everything it touches. Over time, hard water can affect the sustainability of your business since you may need to use more water and more cleaning products for the same results.

Additionally, hard water minerals build up in your plumbing, making the system run less efficiently. Hard water may increase your water costs along with your water consumption.

As you look for ways to make your business more sustainable, consult with reputable plumbing and HVAC experts. Many of these professionals offer inspections specifically designed to identify sustainability concerns so you can address these issues directly.

Your Building Has Aggressive Hard Water

Businesses with hard water may experience more clogged drains and slow pipe flow. If you have already had a plumbing professional clean mineral deposits out of your system, a water softener is a smart investment.

If your building has particularly hard water, you may also need to have your cleaning crew spend more time in kitchen, restroom, and water processing areas, which can cost you more.

Using a water softener can prevent numerous plumbing problems and reduce the need for heavy-duty cleaning, saving you money over time. If you have experienced these issues, have a plumber test the hardness of your water to determine whether hard water is the cause of your plumbing and cleaning concerns.

Your Customers Use a Lot of Water

If your business serves the public directly, you understand how important it is to present a clean, welcoming image to your customers. If your customers often interact with the water in your building, you want that water to be soft.

For example, in a restaurant or coffee shop, you need refreshing, high-quality water to serve your guests and to use in special beverages. Hard water can keep your glasses dirty looking and have a strange flavor.

You may have similar concerns if you run a fitness center, shopping center, or apartment complex. Not every client will notice the difference hard water makes as they wash their hands or cool down after a workout, but even a few complaints can change the image of your company and reduce repeat business.

You’re in the Hospitality Industry

In addition to the industries listed in the section above, businesses in the hospitality industry can be directly affected by hard water. If you launder your own towels, bed clothes, and other linens on-site, hard water can leave these items feeling rough and unpleasant on the skin.

In a hotel, hospital, or other hospitality or healthcare business, you prioritize your customers’ comfort because a bad night’s sleep on scratchy sheets can lead to negative reviews and decreased future business. Rather than pay to launder your fabric items off-site, invest in a water softener to improve the taste of your water and the feel of your linens at the same time.

If you experience any of the situations listed above, consider making an investment in a high-quality water softener. The right water treatment could improve client perception of your business, reduce the need for plumbing repairs, and save you money in the long run.

Think a commercial water softener could revitalize the way you do business? Work with the experts at Johnson Water Conditioning Co. to find the right softener model for your property.

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