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Five Steps For Better Water Treatment in Barrington, IL and Chicagoland

You may know that your water tastes unpleasant, or suspect mineral impurities after you see deposits on your faucets, but knowing what to do next can be puzzling. The fact is, there are a lot of options in water treatment. Barrington, IL residents—and all Chicagoland—can benefit from a little research and the help of Johnson Water Conditioning.

At Johnson Water Conditioning, we understand the confusion. That’s why we provide you with a simple five-step plan that will help you understand what to look for before purchasing any filtration system.

  1. Know your current water source. Is it from a well on your property? Is it from a small community well? Is it from the city? If it’s from the city, are they treating it? This may seem obvious, but depending on the source, your filtration needs will vary.
  2. If it’s from a private well on your property, a community well, or from the city, have Johnson Water Conditioning stop by and do a free water test to see if you what you will need to filter out the Iron, hydrogen sulfide or hardness that may be present in your well water.
  3. Regardless of the water source, there’s always a potential for contaminants from local pesticides, lead pipes in older homes, and even fluoridated water (which not all people want in their water supply). Assess your needs, then talk to a Johnson Water specialist.
  4. If you want to treat all the water in your home, consider a point-of-entry (POE) system such as a water softener or general conditioner. For targeted removal of iron, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese, choose either an Injection system, Iron Breaker, or Airwise filtration system.
  5. For delicious tasting water at a reasonable cost, consider a convenient reverse osmosis filter.

For more helpful tips or a free water analysis, talk to a friendly Johnson Water Conditioning representative. You have a better choice in water treatment, Barrington IL! Call us today.

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