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Is Hard Water Bad for Your Skin in Downers Grove?

You may or may not have heard of the negative effects of hard water in Downers Grove. The truth of the matter is that hard water is inferior to soft water on a number of fronts. Not only does it affect your many water appliances, it can actually affect your health as well.

This isn’t to say that hard water is toxic to ingest. In fact, hard water is just as safe to drink as soft water. However, hard water can be harmful to your skin, causing inflammation, and spurring on a number of skin conditions.

How Does Hard Water Affect the Skin?

While hard water does not directly affect the skin, it does indirectly affect the skin. The calcium and magnesium in hard water serve to clog up your pores, preventing the body from properly moisturizing and replenishing itself.

Not to mention, it is difficult to crate suds when mixed with soap with hard water. A lack of suds can equal a lack of general cleanliness, adversely affecting the health of your skin.

Skin Conditions Brought on By Hard Water in Downers Grove

While not everyone’s skin is negatively affected by hard water, many individuals’ skin is. In general, a person whose skin is negatively affected by hard water will notice an increase in itchiness and dryness. In severe cases, hard water can spur on the following conditions:


Eczema is a skin condition that results in chronically itchy, red, and irritated skin. Part genetic and part environmental, it can be a truly dreadful condition to live with.

While no one is entirely sure of what causes eczema, it is highly believed to be spurred on by exposure to hard water. Therefore, if you suffer from the condition, you’ll likely want to stay away from hard water as much as possible.


Acne is another skin condition that can be spurred on by exposure to hard water. This is because hard water does not clean as well as soft water, making it difficult to rid your skin of acne-causing oils.

The longer these oils sit on your skin, the better chance they have of clogging your pores. Eventually, these clogged pores can turn into bumpy, red spots.


Psoriasis is a skin condition where skin cells build up on the surface of the skin. This results in dry, itchy, and scaly-looking skin.

While no one is entirely certain of what causes psoriasis, it is believed that hard water can trigger it. Numerous studies have shown a correlation between hard water and the condition.

How Do You Get Rid of Hard Water?

If your hard water is causing damage to your skin, it is highly recommended that you eliminate it. How can you get rid of hard water? With the use of a water softener.

Water softeners remove the vast majority of calcium and magnesium from your water, replacing those minerals with sodium. These water filtration systems hook up directly to your water supply, and soften your water on a consistent basis. All you have to do in order to keep them running is to add softener salt from time to time.

Looking for a Water Softener in Downers Grove, Illinois?

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