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How Water Fits in with Your Beauty Habits

You know that water acts as an essential part of life, but do you consider how it fits in your beauty regimen? Because it is so fundamental, you might assume that water offers little harm or gain in your well-being and appearance. In reality, water plays a critical role in many beauty habits.

Read on to learn how water takes part in your everyday routine.

For Smooth, Healthy Skin

If you want beautiful skin, take colder showers. Warm water can calm aching muscles, but extended exposure to hot water removes skin’s moisturizing oils, thus drying out the cells. You might notice this dehydration when your hands become irritated and cracked after a long dish-washing session or if your job requires frequent hand-washing. Water can affect the rest of your skin in the same way.

You don’t have to suffer through a frigid shower though. Simply avoid hot water and instead opt for lukewarm temperatures. You’ll also want to keep showers short, around 10 minutes, and find soap-free cleansers. After your shower, apply a fragrance-free lotion within a few minutes of getting out. Damp skin will better lock in the lotion’s moisture.

For Silky, Luxurious Hair

You likely know that hard water can hurt your hair ( But you have to look beyond the water’s contents and analyze its temperature if you want healthy hair-especially health color-treated hair. Again, colder water works better than hot water.

Consider how you handle your laundry-hot water removes color and dyes. This effect also happens when you lather and rinse your hair. Frequent hot showers will lead to fading, dullness, and color loss.

If you can handle it, use cold water on your tresses. A cool-water rinse also will close the hair cuticle, giving your hair a shiny, glossy appearance.

You can also use water to protect your hair from chlorine damage. Avoid a green tinge by rinsing your hair before you dive in. When clean, chlorine-free water saturates your hair, less pool water soaks into it.

For Easy Hair Styling

Use your damp hair as a styling tool to avoid heat damage and early-morning primping. When your hair is wet, you can manipulate it for beachy waves or bouncy curls.

As you use water for styling, try techniques like pin or rag curls. Or you can throw your hair into a twisted bun or chunky braid for messy waves. Whatever option you choose, avoid a leave-in conditioner that will weigh down hair. Instead, let a light beach spray work with the natural texture of your wet tresses.

For a Younger Appearance

Regular steam facials can increase circulation, cleanse pores, and fight signs of aging. But you don’t have to make monthly appointments at an expensive spa to access these benefits.

Try an at-home steam facial with hot water and a towel. First, cleanse your skin with cool water and a mild cleanser or exfoliant. You’ll then boil water on your stove top. Transfer the hot water to a large bowl and place it on a table or the floor.

Lean over the water, about 5-10 inches away, while draping a towel over your head to create a tent that envelopes the bowel. If the steam feels too intense, pull farther away and take breaks every couple of minutes. The steaming portion of your facial should last 10-15 minutes, but don’t overexpose your skin if it is sensitive.

Additionally, you can add essential oils to the water to create a more luxurious experience. Try tea tree, eucalyptus, or peppermint oil for a soothing or tingling experience.

After the process, apply an astringent or splash cool water on your face. You can also include a face mask to remove even more impurities. Be sure to add back moisture with a hydrating lotion when you’re finished.

The Bottom Line

Whether you use it to streamline your morning routine or maintain healthy skin, water can have a serious effect on your beauty regimen. Consider how you can use this information the next time you get ready for the day or wind down at night.

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