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Is It Better to Buy or Rent Your Water Softener?

Buying a water softener is a major investment for most homeowners. These systems add value as well as convenience, but not everyone feels like they can afford to invest in a water softener. Fortunately, you can always rent a water softener, so you don’t have to pay a lot of money to enjoy the benefits of a water system.

But is renting or buying the right option for you? If you’re unsure about whether you should buy or rent a water softener, the blog below can help you compare your options and make an informed decision.


Not every family needs to own a water softener. For instance, families who are renting a home may not want to invest in a permanent water softener for a home they don’t own. Homeowners who plan to move in a few years typically don’t want to pay for a new water softener. Even if you do own your home, you may not want to buy a water system due to the cost of repairs.

Here are some reasons to rent a water softener instead of buying one.

Paying Low Overhead Costs

One of the main reasons people decide to rent a softener is to avoid the purchase and installation costs.

In some cases, a new system can cost you more than $1,000. This price range isn’t practical for every family. Luckily, even people who don’t want to pay the cost can still enjoy the benefits of a water softener. Renting allows homeowners to avoid the upfront cost and spread out payments over time.

Testing the System

If you’re unsure if your family could benefit from a water softener, you may want to rent one first. Renting a softener will help you see the system’s impact on your family without having to make a long-term commitment.

Avoiding Repair Fees

A major benefit to renting is avoiding repair costs. If something goes wrong with your softener, you simply have to call your rental company to get a replacement or repair. Most rental companies assume cost responsibility for repairs.

When you’re looking for the benefits of a water softener without having to commit to years of repairs, renting is your best option.


Buying your own water softener can cost a pretty penny, so you want to be certain it will be worth the investment. Luckily, owning your water softener system comes with a variety of benefits.

Here are some reasons you may want to install a permanent water softener in your home.

Increasing Home Equity
In some areas, installing a water softener can increase your home value by $5,000 or more. As with many home improvement projects, if you invest the money, you’ll likely see an increase in equity.

Additionally, buyers look for homes that will help them save money on their monthly utilities, which is exactly what water softeners do. Homes with water softeners increase equity as well as marketability if you ever choose to sell your home.

Paying Less Over Time

Some people decide not to install a water softener because of the startup fees. However, water softeners often pay for themselves over a period of several in from money saved on monthly utility bills. With this estimate in mind, consider that more expensive softeners typically work more efficiently, which can result in lower monthly utilities.

Choosing From a Wide Selection

When people choose to rent, they have a limited selection of water softeners. On the other hand, you have a very wide selection of softeners if you decide to buy a system. You also have new equipment that will likely last longer without repairs.

As you can see, there isn’t a yes or no answer to whether you should buy or rent your water softener. Consider these factors and talk with a water system specialist to decide on the best solution for your home.

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