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More Than a Beauty Regimen: 8 Health Benefits of Drinking More Water

Water. Most of the planet consists of this amazing liquid-and your body contains a lot of water too. In fact, more than 60% of your body is made up of water. Because your body relies so much on water to function, you need to consume plenty of it each day.

In a previous blog post, we mentioned a few ways water can enhance your beauty and skin care routines. However, consuming more water provides you with more than smooth skin and silky hair. Below, we list several other health benefits you’ll reap when you increase the amount of water you drink.

1. Balanced Bodily Fluids

As we mentioned above, most of your body is made up of water. The water in your body comprises different bodily fluids that allow your body to function properly. These fluids aid in circulation, digestion, saliva production, nutrient absorption, and other functions.

Because water serves so many purposes in your body, you need to replace it frequently. When you drink more water, you balance the fluids in your body and allow it to continue working correctly.

2. Energized Muscles

Your muscles won’t work properly if they aren’t hydrated. As you exercise, your body loses some of its water through sweat. Your muscles then have to compensate for the loss of water. For your muscles to work well, and for you to perform well in any physical activity, drink more water.

3. Fewer Headaches and Migraines

If you become too dehydrated, you could experience more headaches or migraines. The next time you experience a headache, drink a few glasses of water to reduce the discomfort. This tip won’t always relieve headaches, especially if the headache was spurred by another issue, such as eye strain.

4. Healthy, Functioning Kidneys

Your kidneys are responsible for transporting toxins and waste out of your body. As you consume a good amount of water, you keep your kidneys healthy, and they can easily and effectively rid your body of toxins.

But when you drink little water, your kidneys must hold onto whatever fluids they can to function normally. You may notice darker, smelly urine as a result. Additionally, drinking little water puts you at risk for developing kidney stones. To avoid these issues and to allow your kidneys to work at their full capacity, drink more water each day.

5. Improved Weight Loss

If you have any weight loss goals, water can easily help you succeed. When you replace beverages like soda, coffee, and juice for water, you reduce the total calories you take in each day. Additionally, drinking water about half an hour before each meal can make you feel fuller faster, further reducing the number of calories you consume.

6. Increased Mental Focus

Do you ever feel too tired in the middle of the day? Do you have a hard time focusing on the tasks before you? Sometimes, all you need to regain focus is a glass of water. Even minor cases of dehydration can impede your concentration and make it harder for you to pay attention when you need to.

7. Regular Bowel Movements

Like your urinary system, your intestines need water to effectively remove solid waste from your body. Without sufficient amounts of water to soften the waste, solids can build up and harden in your intestines, causing you to become constipated.

By drinking more water, you reduce your risk for constipation and keep your intestines healthy and clear.

8. Stronger Immune System

Again, because your urinary system uses water to flush toxins out of your body, drinking more water can boost your immune system. The fewer toxins you have in your body, the less likely you are to get sick.

Keep the information in this blog in mind as you find new ways to increase your daily water intake. If the water that comes from your home is too hard or has an odd taste, contact Johnson Water Conditioning and invest in water softeners and reverse osmosis systems to enhance your home’s water.

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