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Do You Need a Water Softener in Warrenville, Illinois?

Warrenville (and basically the entirety of Illinois) is in an area of North America where hard water is highly concentrated. This isn’t to say that every water supply in the town is prone to hard water, but it is to say that most of them are.

Hard water can have a number of negative effects on everything from your clothing, to your water pipes, to your health. In most cases, it’s recommended that you nix the hard water, and opt for soft water instead.

The way to do this is by, of course, using a water softener. But how do you know if you need a water softener in Warrenville, Illinois? Let’s take a look.

Signs That You Need a Water Softener in Warrenville, Illinois

While the choice to opt for soft water is, of course, up to you, there are a couple indicators of hard water which might make you want to purchase a water softener. They are as follows:

  1. Foul Smelling Water

An almost certain sign that you’re dealing with hard water is if your water possesses a foul and almost unbearable smell. Smells like this come about because your water is filled with small minerals which, in large numbers, create rather overwhelming fragrances.

The smell you’ll usually come across is something like rotten eggs. This rotten egg smell comes from a buildup of hydrogen sulfide.

In some cases, the minerals in your water can also cause it to take on a metallic taste.

  1. Stained Clothing

Have you noticed your clothing taking on a slightly brown or yellow color after you’ve washed it? If so, it’s likely coming about as a result of hard water.

There are several minerals existing in hard water which can cause staining. These minerals include iron and manganese, to name a few. Water-borne bacteria can also cause staining.

And clothing is not the only thing that can be stained by hard water. You might also notice staining around your bathtub or on your dishes. If so, hard water is likely the cause.

  1. Low Water Pressure

Experiencing low water pressure? If so, it’s more than likely because your water pipes are clogged up. And if your pipes are clogged up, it could very well be because the hard water which runs through them.

See, the minerals in hard water are capable of sticking to the side of your water pipes. When they do, they start to build up, restricting water flow.

As water flow becomes more and more restricted, water pressure decreases.

  1. Skin Irritation

Do you suffer from chronically dry or irritated skin? The cause could be the water which you use to shower and bathe.

The minerals in hard water can cause skin dryness and irritation by essentially pulling moisture from your skin. So while you’re trying to purify your skin, you’re actually doing more harm than good.

Softening your water will eliminate all of the minerals, ensuring that your skin stays fresh and moisturized.

  1. Lack of Suds-iness

Another sign that your water is hard and that you’re in need of a water conditioner is if your soap is not lathering up when washing your body or hands.

A lack of suds occurs because the minerals in hard water essentially prevent the soap molecules from making contact and forming a lather. This causes the soap to slide across your hands instead of sudsing up.

A lack of suds can make it difficult to wash your hands or body adequately.

Seeking a Water Softener in Warrenville, Illinois?

If you’ve decided to opt for soft water through the use of a water softener in Warrenville, Illinois, we’re here to help.

We here at Johnson Water Conditioning Company manufacture and install only the best of water softeners. Our specific products include iron filtration systems, reverse osmosis systems, hydrogen peroxide injection systems, and commercial water conditioner, to name a few.

Contact us for a free estimate today!

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