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Installing a Reverse Osmosis System in Hawthorn Woods: Here’s What You Should Know

Reverse osmosis system in Hawthorn Woods, IllinoisAre you not satisfied with your home’s water quality? Want to remove even the smallest of contaminants from your home’s water supply? If so, you should consider installing a reverse osmosis system.

These systems are designed to remove almost all contaminants, including chemicals, minerals, and bacteria. In doing so, they make water as clean and as drinkable as possible. Learn more about installing a reverse osmosis system in Hawthorn Woods by reading below!

Is It Worth It to Install a Reverse Osmosis System in Hawthorn Woods?

We’ve previously discussed what reverse osmosis systems do (i.e. remove nearly all contaminants from a water supply), but are they really worth the investment? If you want a consistent stream of smooth, clean, and refreshing water in your home, they most definitely are!

Reverse osmosis systems purify water to the point where it’s essentially in its natural state. No system removes more contaminants from a water supply than a reverse osmosis system.

Reverse osmosis water is not only great for drinking, but it’s also great for cooking as well. Because it’s void of almost all contaminants, it causes very few undesirable effects in food. As such, it allows for great consistency in cooking.

The Reverse Osmosis Process

Now, you might be curious as to how a reverse osmosis system works. We’ll discuss the process in detail below:

Pre-filter Stage

The first stage that water meets when sent through a reverse osmosis system is the pre-filter stage. In this stage, water is cleansed of dirt, sand, and other large forms of sediment. Utilizing highly effective filters, this stage preps the water for its next stage: the semipermeable membrane stage.

Semipermeable Membrane Stage

This is where most of the magic happens: the semipermeable membrane. This membrane removes everything from chemicals, to minerals, to bacteria, and more. In doing so, it makes the water exceedingly safe and drinkable.

Some of the contaminants removed during this stage include arsenic, lead, iron, manganese, calcium, magnesium, coliform bacteria, and chlorine.

Post-filter Stage

After the water has run through the semipermeable membrane, it enters the post-filter stage. In this stage, the water is filtered one last time for good measure, leaving it as smooth and as pure as is technologically possible.

Storage Stage

Finally, the water enters the storage stage. In this stage, the water is sent down into a large storage container. This container then holds the water until the user is ready to consume it. To make this happen, the user simply turns on a faucet and lets the water flow.

One thing to note is that not all of the water that runs through the reverse osmosis system will end up in the storage container. Much of the water goes unpurified, and as a result, it is flushed down the drain.

Characteristics of Reverse Osmosis Systems

There are a few other things you might want to know about reverse osmosis systems, as they could influence your decision on installing one. For one, these systems are small — so small, in fact, that they can often be installed underneath kitchen sinks.

In addition, reverse osmosis systems are almost entirely powered by water pressure. As such, they cost almost no money to run.

Finally, reverse osmosis systems scarcely need maintenance. Generally speaking, all you need to do to keep them running is to replace their filters every six months to 2 years. Regular cleanings can help as well.

Need a Reverse Osmosis System in Hawthorn Woods?

As you can see, there are a number of reasons to install a reverse osmosis system. If you’re interested in installing a reverse osmosis system in Hawthorn Woods, then Johnson Water Conditioning is the company to call.

We have installed reverse osmosis systems in countless Hawthorn Woods area homes. We can have your system installed in no time.

Contact us today to request a free estimate!

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