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Reverse Osmosis in Inverness: The Basics

Reverse osmosis system at a house in Inverness, IllinoisAre you looking for a steady stream of highly purified drinking water? If so, you would be wise to install a reverse osmosis system. These systems are designed to remove the vast majority of minerals, chemicals, and bacteria from a water supply, leaving it as pure and as drinkable as technologically possible.

Looking to learn more about reverse osmosis in Inverness? Then read below, because we’re going to discuss everything you’ll need to know.

How Can You Benefit from Reverse Osmosis?

The entire point of reverse osmosis is to make water as pure as technologically possible. This system removes minerals, chemicals, bacteria, and many other impurities that might exist within a water supply. While it’s not 100% successful, it leaves only slight (and negligible) traces behind.

As such, if you want to have drinking water that is exceptionally clean, smooth, and tasty, installing a reverse osmosis system would be a great decision. It creates bottled water-quality water, and it allows you to enjoy that water in a steady stream right through your kitchen faucet.

Upsides of Reverse Osmosis Systems

Aside from the primary benefit of using a reverse osmosis system discussed above, there are a variety of other upsides that reverse osmosis systems come with. They include the following:

Minimal Energy Usage

Are you curious about the energy usage of a reverse osmosis system? By and large, you might be surprised to learn that these systems utilize no energy at all. They’re powered almost entirely by water pressure. Just connect them to your water supply and allow the filters to work their magic. You’ll have highly purified water at an exceedingly low price.

Takes Up Little Space

Reverse osmosis systems are relatively small entities. In most cases, they can be installed underneath sinks and inside cabinets. Therefore, if you’re worried about losing storage space, there’s no need to worry much at all.

Drawbacks of Reverse Osmosis Systems

There are a lot of benefits to be had from a reverse osmosis system. However, these systems aren’t without their drawbacks. Some of these drawbacks include the following:

Remove Some Vital Minerals

A common complaint about reverse osmosis systems is that they remove some vital minerals from water. These minerals vary from zinc, to iron, to manganese, and more, all of which are an important part of the human diet.

It’s important to note here that these minerals are available in a variety of other foods as well. As such, even if they’re not contained in your water, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding them elsewhere. If all else fails, you can even take supplements for these minerals to ensure that you’re consuming them on a regular basis.

Can’t Handle a Full Water Supply

Reverse osmosis systems are designed to purify drinking water. While they’re efficient enough to perform this task well, they’re nowhere near efficient enough to handle the rest of the home’s water needs. In other words, they aren’t designed to handle a full water supply.

If you want to purify your shower water, your cleaning water, and all of the other water that runs through your pipes, you’re going to need to install a different system — such as a water softener, an iron filtration system, or a chemical injection system. When used in tandem with a reverse osmosis system, these systems can accommodate large amounts of water.

Looking to Install a Reverse Osmosis System in Inverness?

Is reverse osmosis right for your home? Looking for reverse osmosis in Inverness, Illinois? If so, we here at Johnson Water Conditioning are the people to see.

We’ve installed reverse osmosis systems in countless homes throughout Inverness and its surrounding areas. Regardless of the size of your water supply, we can accommodate you.

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