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Should You Install a Reverse Osmosis System in Bloomingdale, Illinois? A Bloomingdale Water Purification Company Discusses

Reverse osmosis system at a house in Bloomingdale, IllinoisWhen it comes to obtaining the purest and most drinkable water possible, the reverse osmosis system will serve you well. This purification system removes almost all the contaminants from a given water supply, making it clean and refreshing.

Are you wondering whether you should install a reverse osmosis system in Bloomingdale, Illinois? If so, you’ve come to the right place — this Bloomingdale water purification company is going to going to explain everything there is to know below.

The Reverse Osmosis Process

Reverse osmosis systems make use of several levels of filtration. This way, more and more contaminants are removed as the water passes through. We’re going to discuss the specifics of each level of filtration below.


The pre-filtration process involves the filtration of large contaminants like sediment, sand, and dirt. The filters catch these contaminants, dispose of them, and prepare the water for the more intensive filtration levels to come.

Membrane Filtration

The next level of filtration is membrane filtration. This involves the use of a semipermeable membrane, which is essentially the heart of any reverse osmosis system. The membrane removes a wide variety of contaminants — from chemicals to minerals to bacteria and more. Some of the specific contaminants it removes include arsenic, lead, iron, and coliform bacteria.

While this membrane is not 100% effective in removing these contaminants, it’s extremely close. The volume of contaminants that it does leave in the water is negligible. In other words, when all is said and done, it has essentially no ill-effect on the water’s quality.


The last step is the post-filtration stage. At this level, the system merely polishes the already-filtered water. It attempts to remove any straggling contaminants. Again, while it’s not 100% effective, it’s extremely close.

Once the water has left this filtration level, it enters the storage tank and is ready for consumption.

Things You Should Know About Reverse Osmosis Systems

There are several things you should know reverse osmosis systems in Bloomingdale before choosing to install one. These include the following:

They’re Great for Drinking Water

Reverse osmosis systems in Bloomingdale are primarily designed to create drinkable water. They remove essentially every contaminant from a home’s water supply, making it safe, smooth, and refreshing. If you enjoy bottled water, you’ll love having a steady stream of reverse osmosis water on tap.

They’re Great for Cooking

Reverse osmosis systems are also great for cooking purposes because they remove so many excess minerals from a water supply. By removing minerals like calcium and iron, they ensure that cooked dishes are getting only the ingredients they require.

They’re Small

Reverse osmosis systems aren’t as big as water softeners, for example. They’re quite compact and can usually be stored under sinks or inside of cabinets. In other words, when installing a reverse osmosis system in your Bloomingdale home, you won’t have to sacrifice much in terms of storage space.

They’re (Relatively) Inefficient

Are you hoping to purify your home’s entire water supply? Unfortunately, a reverse osmosis system won’t accommodate you. Why? Because reverse osmosis systems aren’t efficient enough to accommodate an entire home’s water supply. They’re designed specifically to purify drinking water.

If you want to purify the rest of your home’s water, you may want to consider installing a water softener and/or a chemical injection system. Your local Bloomingdale water purification company would be happy to review your options with you.

They Remove Some Important Minerals

The final thing to note about reverse osmosis systems is that they attempt to remove every contaminant in a water supply. This includes some minerals (i.e., iron, calcium, magnesium, etc.) that are beneficial to human health.

Note, though, that you can easily find these minerals in other foods. As such, you shouldn’t let this fact deter you from installing a reverse osmosis system in Bloomingdale.

Ready to Install a Reverse Osmosis System in Bloomingdale, Illinois?

Are you ready to install a reverse osmosis system in Bloomingdale, Illinois? If so, we here at Johnson Water Conditioning are the people to call. Regardless of the size of your drinking water supply, we can help you find the right system for your home or business. Contact us today to get started.

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