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Water Conditioning & Water Softening in Naperville, Illinois: Understanding Reverse Osmosis Systems

If you’re searching for the purest of drinking water, you could benefit from installing a reverse osmosis system in Naperville, Illinois. These systems are designed to produce pure, uncontaminated water that is optimally smooth and refreshing.

Interested in learning more about reverse osmosis systems? Wondering how you could benefit from installing one? This article has all of the information you need.

How Do Reverse Osmosis Systems Work?

Reverse osmosis systems work by eliminating the contaminants within your water. These systems possess several stages of filtration, each of which is responsible for filtering out contaminant-filled water. The three basic filtration stages of a reverse osmosis system are as follows:


The pre-filter stage of reverse osmosis involves the filtering of large contaminants like sand, dirt, and sediment. Water that does not contain these contaminants will be passed through the filter, while water that does contain these contaminants will be denied entry.

This stage is more important for those who use well water, as well water is more likely to have these types of contaminants than is city water.

Membrane Filter

The membrane filtration stage is the most important filtration stage in reverse osmosis. At this stage of filtration, the vast majority of contaminants remaining within the pre-filtered water supply will be removed. Not only will minerals such as calcium and lead be removed, but harmful bacteria as well.


The post-filter stage is the clean-up stage. It attempts to remove all contaminants that exist within the water after it has been passed through the first two stages. While the post-filter won’t catch all remaining contaminants, it will catch most of them.

Importantly, water that is not filtered during the reverse osmosis process will be rejected and flushed down a drain.

The Advantages of Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis systems offer a number of advantages. Some of the primary advantages of reverse osmosis systems will be reviewed below.

Pure-Tasting Water

Want to enjoy your water is in the purest form possible? A reverse osmosis system will get the job done for you. Because these systems only filter through uncontaminated water, they allow for a taste and a texture that is as close to natural as is technologically possible.

The best way to describe the taste and texture of reverse osmosis system water is to say that it possesses bottled water quality. It’s smooth and refreshing.

Great for Cooking

Cooking is an exact science. For this reason, if you want to be a great cook, you shouldn’t allow inconsistent amounts of contaminants to make their way into the food that you’re preparing.

A reverse osmosis system will regulate the quality of water that you cook with, ensuring that it’s not carrying any unsavory minerals or chemicals. The result of this? Better-tasting food!

Low Operation Costs

You may be worried about the costs associated with reverse osmosis. We’re here to assure you that they’re very low. These systems use only trace amounts of electricity, meaning they don’t cost much money to operate.

Looking for a Reverse Osmosis System in Naperville?

Are you interested in utilizing a reverse osmosis system? Looking for a reverse osmosis system in Naperville, specifically? If so, Johnson Water Conditioning can help.

We manufacture reverse osmosis systems of all sizes, enabling us to treat water supplies of all capacities. Our team of friendly and experienced water conditioning and reverse osmosis specialists will come to your home and install one of our high-quality systems for you in a quick and professional manner.

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