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Is It Safe to Drink Your Tap Water?

Clean drinking water. It’s something that many of us take for granted. That’s why it’s so shocking, and concerning, when you hear or read news about contaminants that have compromised the quality of water in homes.

It was only about two years ago that Flint, Michigan made national news with a water contamination issue that made everyone around the country uneasy about the safety and quality of their own water. Granted, this was an extreme case, but even small-scale water impurities can have major consequences.

How Bad is the State of Our Tap Water?

An article published by EWG goes straight to the point in laying out the dangers that we’re facing with our tap water every day. They claim that in a glass of tap water, you’re being exposed to agricultural and industrial contaminants that can lead to hormone disruption, developmental defects, nervous system damage and even cancer.

According to the EWG, there are more than 250 contaminants detected through water samples. While the levels of these contaminants were deemed safe under the Safe Drinking Water Act, they were well above levels that have been determined safe by authoritative scientific studies.

Does this make you uncomfortable? It should, because your health and wellbeing, along with those you love, might be compromised every single day without you ever realizing it.

How Widespread Is the Problem?

Unfortunately, issues with the quality and safety of drinking water spread from one coast of our country to the other. The National Drinking Water Alliance has published an interactive map that identifies each place across the United States where the drinking water has been determined to be unsafe to consume due to lead and other contaminants.

The map shows several points in Illinois alone where water has been shown to contain lead. Lead is toxic, especially for young children and their neurodevelopment. Lead in the drinking water can result in lead poisoning, which can lead to long-term cognitive defects such as learning disabilities and behavior problems.

The Benefits of Water Filtration

Doing a little research on the quality of tap water is likely to leave you feeling very uneasy. While the point of this article isn’t to scare you, it is important to bring about awareness of how at risk the quality of the water in your home really is!

A solution to your concerns is a water filtration system. Water filtration will effectively remove contaminants from your water, making it safe to drink and use in cooking. Many people find that they experience other health boosts once they invest in a filtration system. Reported benefits include more energy, healthier skin and an overall feeling of wellness.

Of course, much of this could come from the fact that they’re no longer stressing over the quality of their water.

Are you interested in protecting the people you care about from the contaminants commonly found in drinking water? Contact Johnson Water Conditioning Company for information about effective home water filtration systems in the Villa Park, IL area.

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