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The Benefits of Water Softening

The experts at Johnson Water Conditioning understand how difficult it can be to decide whether or not you may need a water softener. A lot of clients ask, “What is the point of a water softener? Is there really a benefit?” Water Softening in Chicago is a very common.  Choosing the right water softening company in Chicago is a really important decision.

What is “soft water?”

Soft water is simply water that does not contain any of the extra minerals that are in a typical water supply. While having extra minerals in water isn’t always a bad thing, by having a water softener you can improve the lifetime of your appliances and minimize the use of cleaning detergents. Hard water has been shown to cause heart problems later in life because of the amount of magnesium in the water, according to The World Health Organization.

Benefits of a Water Softener

Because soft water is more efficient, water softeners save you money over time. Soft water can be up to 12 times more efficient than hard water when washing dishes. You will be saving money on dish washing detergent by using less water while getting a streak-free shine on your dishes. Similarly, you can spend less money on laundry detergent for clothes and other household cleaners used to keep your home sanitary and safe. In an independent research study, water softeners pay for themselves in 7-8 months of use. Not only will you feel cleaner and better than ever, you start to see the results pay for themselves in under a year.

Hard water can irritate skin. When you install a water conditioning system, you significantly increase the chances of having naturally soft and smooth skin. Softened water is especially beneficial for people that have skin-sensitive allergies and naturally dry skin.

Water softeners eliminate limescale. Even if you haven’t had a water softener installed, it can remove 100% of limescale build up that has already happened in your appliances. You can finally enjoy a scum free shower door and clog-free shower head. In addition, you will feel cleaner than ever after a shower with softened water.

How does water softening work?

A water softener is a system that is installed in your home’s water supply system. Since hard water mostly contains calcium and magnesium, two impurities that are bad for your health and appliances, a water softener changes out those minerals for sodium. This is called an ion exchange. By switching out the elements in your water, you can start reaping the benefits that will leave you and your wallet better off.

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