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Track Your Water Use with These 8 Apps

In April 2015, NASA hosted its fourth annual International Space Apps Challenge, a three-day event in which participants develop tech-based solutions for global problems. One challenge encouraged participants to develop apps that map clean water sources on Earth. Participants created more than 50 apps in response to that challenge.

NASA’s clean water mapping app challenge shows that technology can help us track and use water more wisely. But you don’t have to download the global water mapping apps to take part. Many water-related apps apply to your everyday water usage. Try the apps below to track how water affects your life.

Apps to Track Water You Drink

Many people have a goal to drink more water, but they can’t always tell if they’ve succeeded. If you have that goal, download one of these apps.

  1. Waterlogged

This app lets you track, ounce by ounce, how much water you drink per day. People just starting the water drinking habit will enjoy the easy to set reminders and goals. You can even create a group with friends. Right now, you can only get Waterlogged iOS devices, but it’s free to download.

  1. Daily Water

Another free water-tracking app, Daily Water has versions for Android and iOS platforms. Every time you drink an eight-ounce glass of water, you mark it off in the app. It will also remind you to drink water at times you choose and track your habits over time.

  1. Remember to Drink

Windows Phone users also have a free app to track the water they drink. A cartoon water droplet guides you through this app’s features, which include reminders, history, and activity trackers. Just tell it a little personal data (age, gender, weight) to get started.

Apps to Track Water You Use

You use water for many other reasons than to satisfy your thirst. Monitor your water use for showers, laundry, and other purposes with these apps so you stay in a sensible range.

  1. Dropcountr

This app makes water conservation a track-able, achievable goal. It connects with your utilities provider to give you data about your water use, as well as how you compare to your neighbors. You can set goals to use less water or find patterns in your water use over time. It’s free for iOS users.

  1. H2O Tracker

You can determine how much water you use and what it costs you with this app for Android and iOS. You’ll also find tips and tricks to use less water and quizzes to test your water conservation knowledge. The developers even added new features recently to track regional drought conditions.

Apps to Locate Water Sources near You

Sometimes you don’t have water on the go. Avoid buying expensive bottled water with the apps below.

  1. OasisPlaces

Find water fountains and fill-up stations near you with this handy app, free on iOS. Users can rate fountains for cleanliness, temperature, and flavor, which helps you choose the best water sources and avoid ones that don’t meet your standards.

  1. WeTap

Drinking container maker Thermos developed WeTap as a place to map where free drinking water is available. Like with OasisPlaces, WeTap lets users rate fountains, snap pictures, and add new fountains to the map. This app has versions for iOS and Android platforms, and it’s free on both.

Apps to Make Water Fun

  1. Where’s My Water?

This Disney-created game lets you fill up Swampy the alligator’s bathtub with water. Pass through dozens of fun levels and gain a little more appreciation for how water gets to you.

No matter what you want to track about your water use, you can find an app for that. Try one of these apps to achieve your water drinking or conservation goals.

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