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Types of Water Conditioners in Medinah, Illinois

Here in Medinah, whether you own a home or a commercial property, there’s a good chance you are dealing with well water.

Of course, things can be done to eliminate the impurities in well water. Namely, water conditioners can be used to remove impurities from your water source.

Here are the types of water conditioners for Medinah, Illinois.

Water Softeners

Water Softeners are salt based systems that remove hard water minerals that lead to lime, calcium, and scale buildup using softening resin. Each of these systems is sized to fit the individual household or commercial property.

Iron filtration

Iron is the leading issue among the impurities in Medinah. Rust staining has created issues inside appliances, in showers, toilets, tubs, and any other area where water is used.

The Johnson Water Conditioning Iron Buster system uses aeration to oxidize the iron and change the chemical structure in order to make it easily removable through a filtration media called Birm. By filtering through our system, we can eliminate all the iron issues in the home or commercial property.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis systems are great options for people who are looking to replace their bottled water. These systems provide better than bottled quality water by removing up to 99% of all the impurities in the water. Reverse Osmosis systems are an add on option to a whole house treatment. The point of use product is setup with drinking and cooking water, usually installed in the kitchen, with the option to include connecting to your icemaker. For the commercial property, we do offer these systems in combination with water coolers.

Chlorine Injection Systems

Chlorine injection systems are designed to remove dissolved impurities in your water such as iron, iron bacteria, and hydrogen sulfide. The Chlorine is injected in small amounts into the well water and is used as an oxidizer to remove the impurities before being removed itself by a carbon filter.

Hydrogen Peroxide Injection Systems

Hydrogen peroxide injection systems are designed to remove high levels of dissolved hydrogen sulfide. The hydrogen Peroxide is injected and mixed with the well water in this system to remove the hydrogen sulfide before being processed though a centaur carbon filter to remove the excess hydrogen peroxide.

Need Help Choosing Water Conditioners in Medinah, Illinois?

Maybe you’re thinking about investing in a water conditioner in Medinah, Illinois, but aren’t quite sure which type is right for your specific purposes. If this is the case, we here at Johnson Water Conditioning Co. would be glad to consult you.

We install and service water conditioners in Medinah, Illinois on a frequent basis, and know exactly what type of conditioners can handle various tasks.

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