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Which U.S. States Have the Hardest Water?

While the minerals which hard water consists of exist in soil just about everywhere, they don’t exist in the same levels everywhere. Some areas have soil which is denser in hard water minerals such as manganese and iron. Other areas have very low amounts of these minerals.
In essence, some areas of the United States have to worry about hard water more than other areas in the United States.
But which areas are these? Let’s discuss which U.S. states have the hardest water.

States with the Soft Water

In general, the U.S. states with the softest water exist in the southeastern portion of the country. The only state in the southeast which does not generally possess soft water is Florida; it instead possesses hard to very hard water.
Other states which possess soft water exist in the far northeast and far northwest portions of the country.
A general list of soft water states goes as follows: Oregon, Washington, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Delaware, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

States with Moderately Hard Water

Whereas the states covered above have water so soft that it often doesn’t need to be treated, the next states we’ll cover are a bit of a toss-up. They possess water which is harder than purified water, but not so hard that it’s detrimental to your health and well-being.
These states aren’t as neatly congregated as the soft water states. They’re instead spread out sporadically throughout the country.
A list of these areas includes states such as North Dakota, Minnesota, Missouri, Tennessee, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Alaska, and Washington, D.C.
These states, however, also possess areas which are inundated with hard water minerals. The only way you can know the true hardness of your water is by testing it.

States with Hard Water

Like with moderately hard water states, hard water states are spread sporadically across the United States without any real rhyme or reason. The midwest, however, is hammered pretty hard with the existence of hard water.
Another area where there is a great deal of hard water is in wilderness states such as Las Vegas, Montana, and Wyoming.
A list of examples includes states such as Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Montana, Nevada, and Idaho.
Our home state of Illinois also falls into this group, although there are many areas in the state where the hardest forms of water exist. In fact, nearly half of the state is prone to the hardest form of water. This includes Chicago and its surrounding areas.

States with Very Hard Water

While Illinois is about half-consumed by very hard water, some American states are almost entirely consumed by very hard water. The vast majority of these states exist on the western half of the country.
They’re so inundated with hard water minerals that their water is sometimes undrinkable.
Some of the western states in this condition include Utah, New Mexico, the western half of Texas. Other states which are prone to very hard water include Indiana, Wisconsin, and Florida.

A Final Note

Water hardness isn’t uniform throughout any one state. In fact, some states possess the existence of both very hard and very soft water.
The best way to gauge the hardness of your water is by having it professionally tested.

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