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The Functions of Different Water Filtration Systems in Lemont, Illinois

Depending on where you live and where you get your water, it could be filled with a wide variety of contaminants. These contaminants often vary from bacteria, to minerals, to chemicals, and more.

Long ago, there was little we could do to eliminate most of these contaminants from our water supplies. Fortunately, times have changed. These days, there are a number of water filtration systems that can be used to serve such purposes.

Wondering what these filtration systems are? Don’t stop reading now. Below, we’re going to discuss the functions of different water filtration systems in Lemont, Illinois.

Water Softener

Water softeners are used to remove calcium and magnesium from water. In doing so, they produce a sudsier soap, eliminate mineral buildup on the inside of pipes, and reduce limescale buildup on the tops of sinks and faucets.

These filtration systems also benefit the skin and hair, preventing hard water minerals from clogging up pores and drying out hair follicles.

Reverse Osmosis System

If you’re looking to establish a steady stream of highly purified water, you’ll want to consider installing a reverse osmosis system. These systems contain several levels of filtration, including a level of membrane filtration that eradicates the vast majority of contaminants existing within a water supply.

By using a reverse osmosis system, you will always have smooth and pure drinking water that is easily accessible. You can simply turn on your faucet, and drink to your heart’s content.

Iron Filtration System

While the iron in water has its benefits, having too much iron in your water can be a problem. Fortunately, there is a water purification system available to deal with issues of excess iron: an iron filtration system.

Iron filtration systems work to remove not only iron, but manganese and sulfur as well. In doing so, they eliminate a number of problems, including, but not limited to foul smells, clothes staining, and unsavory tastes.

Chlorine Injection System

Chlorine injection systems work by periodically pumping doses of chlorine into water supplies. In doing so, these systems eliminate iron, bacteria, and hydrogen sulfide from water.

Commonly used by those who get their water from a well, chlorine injection systems not only serve to make water safe, they also eliminate undesired aromas and tastes.

Hydrogen Peroxide Injection System

Hydrogen peroxide injection systems work in the same general way as chlorine injection systems, but pump doses of hydrogen peroxide into a water supply instead of doses of chlorine.

However, there is one big difference between the two systems: while chlorine injection systems leave chlorine in water after it’s been purified, hydrogen peroxide systems leave no chemicals in water.

Both systems serve the same general purpose: they eradicate iron and hydrogen sulfide from water, making it safe for consumption, and doing away with foul smells and metallic tastes.

RG100 Injection System

The RG100 injection system is made to prevent water from rusting metal items that come into contact with it. It works in the same general way as hydrogen peroxide and chlorine injection systems, periodically pumping the RG100 chemical into its corresponding water supply. RG 100 systems are used for irrigation systems and the chemical is used to oxidize the iron for removal while ensuring there is no problems with plants or grass.

Looking for Water Filtration Systems in Lemont?

Whether you use well water or city water, you could have a need for water filtration systems. If so, and if you’re looking for water filtration systems in Lemont, Illinois, Johnson Water Conditioning Company is the company to see.

We offer all of the water filtrations systems discussed above, manufacturing and installing them to meet your specific needs. Regardless of the system you need, our team can install it for you in a timely and professional manner.

Contact us now to discuss your water filtration needs!

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