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5 Water Filtration Systems and What They Can Do for You

Whether you are aware of it or not, it’s highly likely that you’re dealing with some sort of impurity with your water supply. Maybe your water is hard? Maybe it’s inundated with iron? Perhaps it contains potentially harmful bacteria?

In any case, a water filtration system of some kind can benefit you, removing these impurities on a consistent basis. Wondering what type of water filtration system can benefit you? Read on.

We will review 5 types of water filtration systems in Naperville, Illinois, and explain what each can do for you.

1. Water Softener

When excess amounts of calcium and magnesium exist within a water supply, that water supply is deemed to be “hard.” Hard water has a number of negative effects. Not only does it cause the slow destruction of water pipes, it does a poor job of washing as well.

A water softener is a water filtration device that works to remove calcium and magnesium from water, making it “soft.” It does this through a process called ion-exchange — a process in which calcium and magnesium particles are replaced with sodium particles.

2. Reverse Osmosis System

Do you ever wish you had pure, restaurant-quality water in your home? If so, you can get it with a reverse osmosis system.

A reverse osmosis system removes the vast majority of contaminants that exist within a water supply, making it as clean and as drinkable as possible. Not only will a reverse osmosis system remove large minerals such as calcium and magnesium, it will also remove any bacteria that exists within your water.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide Injection System

Those who use well water can often benefit from a hydrogen peroxide injection system. Hydrogen peroxide systems pump hydrogen peroxide into your water stream, eliminating any hydrogen sulfide contained within it.

Hydrogen sulfide is a compound that is often found in well water. It’s typically responsible for creating the sulfur smell that is common in this kind of water. While hydrogen sulfide isn’t particularly harmful as it pertains to water, it can be unpleasant.

4. Chlorine Injection System

Another water conditioning system that can improve the quality of well water is a chlorine injection system. These systems work in the same way as hydrogen peroxide injection systems, but instead of pumping hydrogen peroxide into a water stream, they pump chlorine.

Chlorine injection systems work to neutralize coliform bacteria that exists within a water supply. Coliform bacteria is a potentially harmful form of bacteria that comes from animal waste, and can result in some fairly serious illnesses.

5. Iron Filter

Having some iron in your water isn’t necessarily a problem. In fact, the human body requires some amount of iron in order to function properly. However, it is possible to have too much iron. When there’s too much iron in your water supply, it can leave stains on your tubs, sinks, and other water appliances.

The good news is that there’s a device that can remove excess amounts of iron from your water: an iron filter. There are iron filters available to accommodate water supplies of all sizes.

Looking for a Water Filtration System in Naperville, Illinois?

Are you dealing with impurities in your water? Looking for a water filtration system in Naperville, Illinois? If so, the water conditioning specialists at Johnson Water Conditioning are the people to see.

We supply and install all of the water conditioning and water softening systems reviewed above. Whether you’re looking for a water softener, an iron filter, or a reverse osmosis system, we can accommodate you.

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