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Purity: A Summary of Water Filtration Systems in Warrenville, Illinois

Here in Warrenville, Illinois, our water tends to run hard. Inundated with minerals such as magnesium and calcium, it not only carries bitter smells and tastes, but leaves behind stains and mineral buildup as well.

Fortunately, there are water filtration systems available to help remove hard water minerals from our water. Thinking about investing in such a system? If so, you’re probably interested in knowing what exactly is available.

Here is a summary of water filtration systems in Warrenville, Illinois.

Water Softener

The most commonly used water filtration system is the water softener. This system makes use of ion exchange technology, removing calcium and magnesium from a water supply, and replacing it with sodium.

Water softeners require that you add softener salt on a consistent basis. This salt is needed in order for the softener to function correctly.

These purification systems are terrific for those who are seeking out a number of different benefits. Not only will water softeners produce terrific tasting drinking water, they will eliminate water stains and reduce mineral buildup on pipes as well.

Iron Filter

Iron is a bit of a problem in the water of Warrenville. In fact, the city’s water is entirely inundated with it. The problem with this is that iron tastes bitter and leaves unsightly stains all over your showers and clothes. In essence, it’s a nuisance.

Fortunately, it can be removed from your water supply with the use of an iron filter. These filters are excellent supplements to traditional water conditioners, doing a great job of eliminating iron from water in iron-dense areas.

They can be manufactured at any size, designed specifically to accommodate the size of your water supply. If you’re trying to make your water drinkable as possible, a quality iron filter can go quite a long way.

Reverse Osmosis System

If it’s pure drinking water you’re seeking, there’s no better way to get it than with a reverse osmosis system. These systems are the ultimate purifiers, removing even the smallest traces of contaminants from water supplies.

Osmosis systems will remove not only hard water minerals such as calcium and magnesium, they will remove sodium, iron, and cadmium as well. They are designed to strip water down to its core elements as much as technologically possible.

Reverse osmosis systems aren’t typically a reliable way to accommodate a home’s entire water supply, but they are great for drinking water purposes. If you’d like crystal clear drinking water at the ready at all times, this is a filtration system you need to consider.

Injection System

One last water filtration system option is the injection system. There are a variety of injection systems available, including hydrogen peroxide injection systems and chlorine injection systems, to name two.

These systems pump chemicals into your water supply in order to neutralize minerals such as calcium and magnesium. However, while they remove these hard water minerals, they also leave chemicals in your water.

You’ll likely be able to detect a slight impurity in taste when drinking injection system water. It does, after all, contain amounts of chlorine or hydrogen peroxide.

Looking for Water Filtration Systems in Warrenville, Illinois?

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We manufacture and install water systems of all kinds, from water softeners, to reverse osmosis systems, to injection systems, and more. It is our goal to help you condition your water supply in whatever way is needed.

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