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Benefits of Installing a Water Softener in Medinah, Illinois

When it comes to our water, one of the biggest problems we have to deal with is that it’s filled with hard minerals such as magnesium and calcium. In Medinah, specifically, water is exceedingly hard.

What’s the big deal? Why does it matter that water is hard? You might be surprised to find that hard water carries a number of negative aspects. Fortunately, these negatives can be voided with the use of a water softener in Medinah.

Here are the benefits of installing a water softener in Medinah, Illinois.

Better Tasting Water

Though taste is an entirely subjective preference, most believe that soft water tastes substantially better than hard water.

Because hard water is inundated with minerals such as calcium and magnesium, it possesses a sort of bitter taste. Depending on just how hard the water is, it can be almost undrinkable.

Water which has been purified by a water softener possesses no such taste. Because it’s void of calcium, magnesium, and other harsh minerals, it tastes like water is supposed to taste: pure water with no additives or contaminants.

Better Smelling Water

In many cases, hard water possesses a smell that is similar to rotten eggs. For obvious reasons, this rotten egg smell can make water fairly unappetizing.

The reason for this rotten egg smell is two different compounds: hydrogen sulfide and sulfate. When existing in high levels, these two compounds can essentially overpower the natural scent of water, giving it a foul odor, to say the least.

With the use of a water softener, you can remove these two compounds. The result? Clean and fresh-smelling water which doesn’t scare you away from taking a drink.

Limited Mineral Buildup

You might be surprised to hear that hard water can actually, in and of itself, clog up your pipes. This happens because, as minerals such as calcium pass through your pipes, they begin to cling to the pipes’ sides.

As these minerals build up over time, your pipes provide less and less room through which water can move. This results not only in clogs, but in water pressure issues as well.

Fortunately, you can do away with mineral buildup almost entirely by making use of a water softener. By removing calcium and magnesium from your water, you prevent your pipes from becoming clogged.

Reduced Chance of Water Staining

Perhaps you’ve noticed staining on your showers, tubs, and sinks? Maybe you’ve noticed a slight discoloration in your white clothes? If so, hard water minerals could very well be the culprit.

The minerals in hard water are notorious for causing stains on everything that they come into contact with. This is why shower walls sometimes possess orange marks, and clothing sometimes sports a brown tint. Your water is drying and, quite literally, leaving minerals behind.

If you’re looking to stave off this staining effect, there’s only one thing you can do: install a water softener. A water softener will remove the staining sources (hard water minerals) from your water, making water stains a thing of the past.

Looking to Install a Water Softener in Medinah, Illinois?

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