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How is Your Body Affected by Hard Water?

As you might know, northern Illinois is notorious for its hard water. The water in these parts is filled with minerals such as manganese and iron, both of which can cause staining, unpleasant odors, and unseemly tastes.

But how does hard water affect the human body? Is there anything you should be worried about?

While hard water is not dangerous, it does tend to wreak havoc on your skin and hair. Here’s how.

Skin Issues


While some people suffer from acne regardless of whether or not their water is hard, hard water can do a lot to aggravate acne in human beings.

Have you ever paid attention to the soap when you’re trying to wash your hands with hard water? If so, you may have noticed that it doesn’t create many suds. What it creates instead is a microscopically thin layer of mineral residue.

Once this residue has been formed, it will clog the pores, preventing the skin from being able to “breathe.” The result of this? Acne.


Hard water is filled with minerals such as iron and manganese. So, when hard water is used to wash skin, it is leaving these minerals on the skin. After minerals have latched onto skin, they will clog pores, reduce skin elasticity, and cause a general dryness of the skin.

The existence of these minerals will also fail to prevent bacteria from latching onto the skin. The combination of these two phenomena are believed to result in a higher risk of eczema.

Brittle Hair

Hard water not only affects the skin, it also affects the hair. And it does so in almost the same way that it affects the skin.

When the hard water minerals like iron are run through a person’s hair, they cling there. After they cling, they essentially prevent moisture from making its way to the hair. They act as a barrier. The result of this is brittle, dry hair which is riddled with split ends.

Can You Get Rid of Hard Water?

Fortunately, it is possible to get rid of hard water so that your skin and hair don’t have to suffer. How do you do this? By installing a water conditioner from the experts at Johnson Water Conditioning.

We install, maintain and repair water conditioners of all types…..from standard water conditioners, to reverse osmosis systems, to chlorine injection systems. While they all operate in slightly different ways, they all perform the same standard function: removing hard water minerals from water.

And they don’t only provide benefits for your body. There are a number of other benefits which you will garner from making use of a water conditioning system.

Is Your Body Affected by Hard Water?

If you’ve noticed that your body has been affected in a way described above, hard water might be the problem. Already have a water conditioner? A repair may be in order. Don’t have a water conditioner? You could most certainly benefit from one.

Johnson Water Conditioning offers a variety of water conditioning systems, from reverse osmosis systems, to chlorine injection systems, to water softeners, and more to the Napervile and Medinah area. Our seasoned water specialists are more than ready to help you with whatever you need.

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