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How Can a Hot Water Softener Improve Your Commercial Kitchen? Insights from a Pentair Hot Water Softening Company in Naperville, Illinois

Pentair Hot Water Softening Company in Naperville, Illinois

There are many different water conditioning systems available on today’s market. When it comes to commercial kitchens, however, there’s one that stands out in importance: the hot water softener.

Are you wondering what exactly a hot water softener is? Wondering how it can improve your commercial kitchen? This hot water softening company in Naperville, Illinois is going to provide the answers you’re looking for below.

By Keeping Limescale Buildup to a Minimum

One way in which a hot water softener can improve your kitchen is by keeping limescale buildup to a minimum. Not only does it prevent limescale from clinging to dishes, but it also ensures that it’s not clogging up the internal mechanisms of the dishwasher itself. Because of this, your dishes will come out cleaner, and the system will run more efficiently.

How does a hot water softener help reduce limescale? By getting rid of the magnesium and calcium in the water. These two minerals are two of the biggest causes of limescale. By eliminating these minerals, you can keep limescale buildup at bay.

By Enhancing the Production of Soap Suds

Calcium and magnesium are inhibitors in the chemical reaction between soap and water. When water contains calcium and magnesium in high levels, the water struggles to create suds when mixed with soap.

This can pose two problems for a commercial dishwasher. First, it might result in the dishwasher not adequately cleaning the dishes that go through it. Secondly, it might result in the dishwasher using more soap, and therefore costing you more money over time.

Neither of these is a desirable outcome. By having a system installed by your hot water softening company in Naperville, Illinois, you can greatly cut back on the number of minerals in your water, which will allow you to produce ample soap suds.

By Reducing Maintenance

Because a hot water softener helps eliminate limescale buildup within your commercial dishwasher, you won’t have to perform as much maintenance on your system over time. Your dishwasher will, for the most part, remain limescale-free.

As a result, you’ll save both time and money in the form of reduced maintenance. Plus, your staff will be able to focus on other responsibilities throughout your restaurant.

By Maintaining Your Reputation

A restaurant’s reputation means everything. With that said, restaurateurs should be doing everything they can to enhance or maintain their establishments. If you have dirty or unsightly dishes coming out to your guests, word could start to spread fast, and your reputation can start to suffer.

This is why it’s a good idea to install a hot water softener. Your hot water softening company in Naperville, Illinois can install a system that removes all the calcium and magnesium from your water supply, thereby reducing the risk of smudges and blemishes on your dishware.

By Reducing Downtime

As noted above, hot water softeners can substantially cut down on the amount of maintenance needed for your dishwasher. This has another effect: reduced downtime.

If you’re not having to clean and de-lime your dishwasher as much, you’re not having to turn it off as much either. This means that you can consistently wash dishes without interruption, ensuring that your operations keep going regardless.

Looking for a Pentair Hot Water Softening Company in Naperville, Illinois?

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