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Keep Your Clothing Soft with the Help of a Pentair Water Softener: Insights from a Water Softening Company in North Aurora, Illinois

Pentair water softener in North Aurora IllinoisWater softeners provide a whole host of benefits for homeowners in the North Aurora area — one of the most overlooked of which is the benefit of softer clothing.

Are you interested in learning how a water softener can help keep your clothing soft? This Pentair water softening company in North Aurora, Illinois is going to discuss below.

The Effect of Hard Water on Clothing

First, let’s discuss the effect that hard water tends to have on clothing. Hard water is filled with excess amounts of calcium and magnesium. Though these minerals aren’t visible in the water itself, they most certainly exist, and can have quite the impact once the water has evaporated and left the minerals behind.

This is easy to see when it comes to washing clothes. The clothes enter the washer, only to be inundated with calcium and magnesium throughout the wash cycle. Once the clothes have been dried, the calcium and magnesium particles remain on the clothing, causing it to feel stiff, itchy, and dry.

While you can try to use dryer sheets and fabric softener to combat the problem, it’s not always enough — there is no substitute to installing a Pentair water softener in North Aurora, Illinois.

How the Pentair Water Softener Can Help to Soften Clothing

We just discussed how the existence of calcium and magnesium particles can dry out and stiffen up clothing. It stands to reason, then, that by removing these particles from water, you can prevent clothing from becoming dry and rigid, and therefore keep it soft.

This is where the Pentair water softener comes into the picture. The responsibility of the Pentair water softener, after all, is to remove calcium and magnesium particles from water. In doing so, it makes the water soft, taking away several of its negative characteristics. One of these negative characteristics is the stiffening and drying out of clothing.

In short, if you want your clothing to remain as soft as possible, you should talk to your local Pentair water softening company in North Aurora, Illinois about installing a new system in your home.

What Else Can the Pentair Water Softener Do for You?

In addition to making clothing softer, the Pentair water softener provides several other benefits as well. For instance, do you have trouble creating soap suds when you mix soap with your water? If so, a Pentair water softener would benefit you, preventing calcium and magnesium from impairing the chemical reaction between soap and water, and ultimately giving you more soap suds.

A Pentair water softener can also combat limescale buildup, a white, powdery substance that typically shows up on faucets and sinks. In this way, it can help your home look better.

Additional benefits of a Pentair water softener include longer-lasting water-based appliances, less internal water pipe buildup, and healthier skin and hair. You might even notice a different taste in your water.

If you’re interested in installing a Pentair water softener in North Aurora, Illinois, give us a call. Our technicians can help you pick out and install the right system for your home.

Looking for a Pentair Water Softening Company in North Aurora, Illinois?

Are you ready to install a water conditioning system to help protect your clothing, among other benefits? Looking to have one installed by the most trusted Pentair water softening company in North Aurora, Illinois? Johnson Water Conditioning has you covered.

Our team has installed Pentair water softeners in countless homes throughout North Aurora, and we would be happy to do the same for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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