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What Is Limescale Buildup, and How Can You Eliminate It? Insights from a Water Softening Company in Addison, Illinois

Pentair water softening company in Addison IllinoisIn any home — no matter how strict your cleaning routine is — you will eventually notice some sort of grime or buildup in certain areas. As you may know, this can have a negative effect on both the aesthetics and functionality of your home.

In this article, we’re going to focus on one specific substance: limescale buildup. Not only are we going to explain what it is, but we’re also going to explain how you can use a Pentair water softener to eliminate it. This water softening company in Addison, Illinois is going to explain below.

What Is Limescale Buildup?

Limescale is a powdery, white substance that comes from hard water. Once hard water evaporates, the limescale is left behind. What does limescale buildup consist of, exactly? Calcium and magnesium particles, all of which were present in the hard water prior to it evaporating.

Due to its color, you’ll most typically find limescale buildup on metal or dark objects. Specifically, water-based objects are most prone to taking on limescale. It’s common to see limescale on shower heads, faucets, and sinks as well as on shower wall handles and the metal edges of mirrors.

Are you wondering whether limescale buildup is harmful in any way? Any reputable water softening company in Addison, Illinois will inform you that it’s not. However, it’s not exactly pleasant to look at either. Therefore, while you don’t necessarily need to get rid of the limescale buildup in your house, your home could certainly benefit from you doing so.

How to Get Rid of Limescale Buildup

Have you decided to get rid of the limescale buildup in your home? If so, you have two options for doing so.

The temporary and recurring method is to just clean the limescale as it appears. The permanent method is to have your local Addison water softening company install a Pentair water softener. We’re going to discuss the specifics of both options below.

Clean the Limescale

Like all substances, limescale can be cleaned off various surfaces. Note, though, that this will only eliminate the problem for a short while. Within a few weeks, limescale will start showing itself once again.

If you are interested in going this route, here’s what you should do: (1) Mix a half cup of water with a half cup of vinegar, then (2) soak a towel in the solution and use it to scrub affected areas.

For removable items like showerheads, you could also opt to soak them in a cup of vinegar. This will help to remove thick coats of limescale.

Install a Pentair Water Softener

If you want to get rid of the limescale permanently, you can have your local water softening company in Addison, Illinois install a Pentair water softener in your home. This will remove calcium and magnesium from your water, making limescale buildup an impossibility.

Where can you purchase a Pentair water softener in Addison? Johnson Water Conditioning can sell you a water softener and install it for you as well. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Ready to Install a Pentair Water Softener? Contact the Most Trusted Water Softening Company in Addison, Illinois.

Are you looking to eliminate the limescale buildup in your home? If so, and if you’re looking to partner with the most trusted water softening company in Addison, Illinois, Johnson Water Conditioning has you covered.

Our experts have installed Pentair water softeners for countless home and business owners throughout the Addison area. Regardless of your water supply’s size, we’re sure to have a solution that’s right for you. Contact us today to request a free consultation.

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