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How Can a Water Softener Improve Your Skin and Hair Health? Insights from a Pentair Water Softening Company in Crystal Lake, Illinois

Pentair water softening company in Crystal Lake IllinoisHard water doesn’t bode well for the skin and hair. The calcium and magnesium particles contained within it tend to cling to the skin and hair, causing irritation over time. Unfortunately, this can lead to a variety of problems for individuals.

The good news is that there’s a way you can eliminate the calcium and magnesium particles in water, thereby making that water “soft” and protecting your skin and hair in the process. All you’ll have to do is have a water softener installed in your home.

Are you interested in learning more about how a water softener can help improve your skin and hair health? This Pentair water softening company in Crystal Lake, Illinois is going to explain below.

What Effect Does Hard Water Have on the Skin and Hair?

Hard water can have several negative effects on the skin and hair. This is due to the calcium and magnesium particles within hard water. Some of the more prominent issues you’ll notice with hard water as it relates to skin and hair are as follows.

Increased Risk of Acne

When calcium and magnesium particles cling to the skin, they tend to clog pores and then block the secretion of vital body oils. When the skin doesn’t receive the benefit of these oils, it becomes more susceptible to acne breakouts. Therefore, by using hard water, you are increasing the risk of getting acne.

Increased Risk of Eczema

Do you suffer from eczema? If so, using hard water is bound to exacerbate your flare-ups. This is for the same reason that hard water increases the risk of acne. Calcium and magnesium clog skin pores and prevent the secretion of important body oils.

Increased Risk of Split Ends

Calcium and magnesium particles are small — so small that you can’t see them with the naked eye. Nonetheless, they’re still rough and, when accumulated, can do quite a bit of damage to hair. One type of damage that these particles can lead to is split ends. If you want fewer split ends, you should get in touch with your local Pentair water softening company in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

How the Pentair Water Softener Protects the Skin and Hair

We’ve established that hard water is bad for the skin and hair. That leads us to the importance of the Pentair water softener when it comes to providing protection for the skin and hair. Namely, the water softener makes water soft, as it rids it of all calcium and magnesium particles.

How does it go about doing this? It utilizes a scientific process called ion exchange. This involves trading a positively charged ion for a negatively charged ion. With the water softener, a sodium ion is traded for calcium and magnesium ions.

Inside every water softener is a collection of resin beads. These beads hold sodium ions. Then, as water passes through the softener, the sodium ions leave the beads and make room for the calcium and magnesium ions. Once the water leaves the softener, it’s void of calcium and magnesium and contains only small amounts of sodium.

Ultimately, the water is now soft, and therefore, it can’t do any damage to the skin and hair. In fact, it will likely make your hair feel much silkier and smoother. If you would like to eliminate the issues discussed above, do not hesitate to get in touch with a reputable Pentair water softening company in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

Looking for a Pentair Water Softening Company in Crystal Lake, Illinois?

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