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Optimize the Health of Your Skin and Hair by Installing a Pentair Water Softener: Insights from a Water Softening Company in Mundelein, Illinois

Pentair water softening company in Mundelein IllinoisHard water comes with all sorts of negative characteristics — one of the most troubling of which is the effect it can have on your skin and hair. Put simply, hard water is not something you’ll want to be exposed to everyday.

Fortunately, there’s something you can do eliminate hard water: you can install a Pentair water softener. Are you interested in learning more? This water softening company in Mundelein, Illinois is going to explain below.

How Does Hard Water Affect the Skin and Hair?

Let’s start by discussing the ways in which hard water affects the skin and hair. It all has to do with the calcium and magnesium particles that exist within said water. When these particles exist in excess, they clog up skin pores and cling to hair strands, thus blocking vital body secretions and drying the skin and hair out.

This can cause several issues, some of which we’ll discuss now.


Hard water commonly causes acne breakouts. This is due to the way that it prevents natural body oils from being secreted. Because these oils don’t exist on the surface of the skin, the skin becomes more susceptible to bacteria and therefore becomes more prone to taking on acne.


Hard water doesn’t necessarily cause eczema (though it can create cases in infants). However, it does cause existing cases of eczema to flare up. Therefore, if you have small children, or if you have eczema, you would be wise to eliminate your hard water with the help of a water softener.

Split Ends

As any knowledgeable water softening company in Mundelein, Illinois will tell you, calcium and magnesium are minerals. As such, they possess a dry and rough consistency. Therefore, if you have excess calcium and magnesium particles in your hair, you can bet that they’re going to do some damage to that hair. This often results in split ends.

How Does the Pentair Water Softener Protect the Skin and Hair?

Now, you might be wondering how installing a Pentair water softener in your Mundelein home can protect your skin and hair. Put simply, the Pentair water softener removes calcium and magnesium particles from your water. Once these particles are removed, there’s little risk of blocked skin pores and little risk of hair rigidity.

At this point, you might be curious as to how the Pentair water softener works. How does it remove calcium and magnesium from water? It makes use of a scientific process known as ion exchange.

Namely, it trades sodium ions for calcium and magnesium ions, using resin beads as the platforms on which to do so. These resin beads are essentially loaded with sodium ions. Then, when water passes through, the sodium ions leave the resin beads, thus creating space for the calcium and magnesium ions to attach themselves to said beads.

In essence, sodium enters the water while calcium and magnesium exit the water. Therefore, once the water leaves the water softener, it is void of calcium and magnesium particles and is said to be “soft” as opposed to “hard”.

You will need to add softener salt every month or two. This keeps the resin beads loaded with sodium and ensures that the softener is working consistently. If wanted, your local water softening company in Mundelein, Illinois can help you with the necessary maintenance.

Want to Install a Pentair Water Softener? Call the Premier Water Softening Company in Mundelein, Illinois.

Are you interested in installing a Pentair water softener in your home? If so, and if you’re looking for the premier water softening company in Mundelein, Illinois, Johnson Water Conditioning is the company to call.

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