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How Can a Water Softener Help Protect Your Clothing? Insights from a Pentair Water Softening Company in Naperville, Illinois

Pentair water softening company in Naperville Illinois

There are all sorts of benefits to installing a water softener. Not only does a water softener help improve your skin and hair, but it also helps prevent your water pipes from clogging. What you might not realize about a water softener, though, is that it can help protect your clothing as well.

Are you wondering how a water softener can help protect your clothes? This Pentair water softening company in Naperville, Illinois is going to discuss below.

What Does Hard Water Do to Clothing?

Hard water is filled with calcium and magnesium particles. When these particles contact your clothing, they work their way into its fibers. This results in stiff and scratchy clothing that feels unpleasant against the skin. Unfortunately, even a single wash with hard water can lead to this problem, and, unfortunately, it’s very difficult to reverse.

In addition to this, the calcium and magnesium particles put undue strain on the clothes’ fibers. This causes the fibers to break down before their time, resulting in its premature deterioration. In other words, hard water lessens the longevity of clothes.

At the end of the day, if you want your clothes to be as soft as possible and last for as long as possible, you should be mindful of the type of water you use to wash them.

How Does a Water Softener Help Protect Your Clothing?

As discussed above, hard water wreaks havoc on clothing. If you want to protect the quality of your clothing, you’ll want to avoid washing your clothes with hard water. How can you do this? By having a filtration system installed by your local Pentair water softening company in Naperville, Illinois.

A water softener gets rid of hard water by removing the calcium and magnesium particles within it. It does this through a process known as ion exchange. In this process, positive ions are traded for negative ions. When this occurs, the ions switch places.

In the case of the water softener, in particular, sodium ions are traded with calcium and magnesium ions. The sodium ions are loaded onto resin beads within the water softener’s water tank. Then, when hard water passes through the tank, the sodium ions leave the resin beads, making room for the calcium and magnesium ions to latch onto them instead.

By the time the water has left the water softener, it is “soft”, which is to say that it’s void of calcium and magnesium particles. While it does contain trace amounts of sodium, this small amount of sodium makes no noticeable difference in terms of the water’s quality. You can’t taste the sodium particles nor feel them.

All that’s needed to keep this process going is to add softener salt to the water softener every month or so. The softener salt replenishes the sodium stores, which allows the water softener to function.

One thing to note here is that water softeners require cleaning and other forms of maintenance. However, this is only required about once a year or so. If you keep up with the maintenance tasks that your Pentair water softening company in Naperville, Illinois recommends, you will enjoy soft and comfortable clothing for the foreseeable future.

Looking for a Pentair Water Softening Company in Naperville, Illinois?

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