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How Can a Water Softener Benefit Your Hair and Skin? Insights from a Pentair Water Softening Company in Warrenville, Illinois

Pentair water softening systems in Warrenville IllinoisDoes your skin and hair constantly feel dry? If so, and if you live in an area that has “hard water”, you can find relief by installing a water softener in your home. A water softener effectively removes calcium and magnesium from water supply, which helps improve your skin and hair.

Are you wondering how exactly a water softener can benefit your skin and hair? This Pentair water softening company in Warrenville, Illinois is going to explain below.

How Does Hard Water Affect Your Skin and Hair?

First, let’s discuss the effect that hard water has on skin and hair. To put it simply, it dries it out. How does it do this? By clogging up skin pores and preventing them from secreting vital body oils.

This typically occurs after showers and baths. The calcium and magnesium in hard water cling to the skin, creating a barrier through which body oils struggle to pass. Because the skin and hair don’t receive these oils, they lack hydration and start to have problems.

Common hair problems caused by this include split ends and broken hair. Common skin problems caused by this include acne, eczema, and cracking skin.

Now, you might be able to counteract some of these problems with lotions and hair products. However, when you have a system installed by a Pentair water softening company in Warrenville, Illinois, you can eliminate these issues almost entirely.

How Does the Water Softener Benefit Skin and Hair?

We’ve discussed the ways in which hard water can affect the skin and hair. Now, let’s discuss the way in which the water softener can eliminate those problems.

To put it simply, the water softener removes calcium and magnesium particles from a water supply. In doing so, it eliminates the elements that create skin and hair issues to begin with.

The question you might have now, though, is: how? How does the water softener go about doing this? It all comes down to the process of ion exchange. This is a scientific process in which positive ions are swapped for negative ions.

The water softener utilizes this process by swapping sodium ions for calcium and magnesium ions. Namely, it stores sodium ions within it by using resin beads. Then, when calcium and magnesium ions pass through in hard water, the sodium ions leave the resin beads, leaving spots for calcium and magnesium ions to take their place.

The calcium and magnesium ions cling to the resin beads, while the sodium ions remain in the softened water. Therefore, once the softened water leaves the water softener, it contains no calcium and magnesium particles and only small amounts of sodium.

Because the water contains no calcium and magnesium particles, it can’t cause any of the skin and hair problems that are characteristic of hard water. Therefore, the water serves to make the skin and hair smooth and silky as opposed to rough and scratchy.

Your only responsibility as the owner of a water softener is to regularly fill it with softener salt. This should be done every one to two months — or as recommended by your Pentair water softening company in Warrenville, Illinois — to ensure that the softener is always operating as intended.

Additional Benefits of a Water Softener

Wondering about other benefits that a water softener provides? There are many of them. For one, a water softener eliminates limescale buildup entirely.

In addition, a water softener reduces buildup within water pipes, allowing them to last longer. There’s also the benefit of softer clothing, not to mention less wear and tear on water-based appliances.

Finally, a water softener will give you more soap suds. This will allow for cleaner and more sanitary dishes, clothing, and otherwise.

Looking for a Pentair Water Softening Company in Warrenville, Illinois?

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