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Water Conditioning Systems in Medinah, Illinois: An Overview

Water softener the kitchen of a house in Medinah, IllinoisWhen water comes up from the ground, it often brings a variety of contaminants along with it. While most of these contaminants are safe for consumption, they still have a variety of adverse effects. For this reason, many homeowners in the Medinah area choose to install water conditioning systems.

Water conditioning systems are designed to remove select contaminants from water supplies. In doing so, they vastly improve the quality of water. Are you interested in learning about the different water conditioning systems that are available today? If so, then you’re in the right place. Here is an overview of the different water conditioning systems in Medinah, Illinois:

Water Softener

The first conditioning system we’ll discuss is the water softener. Water softeners are used to remove calcium and magnesium from a water supply.

Calcium and magnesium are detrimental to water for a variety of reasons. Not only do they cause limescale buildup, but pipe buildup, skin and hair issues, and a lack of soap suds as well. Together, they work to make water “hard,” thus giving it a variety of ill effects.

Water softeners are quite popular amongst Medinah homeowners, as Medinah water is inundated with calcium and magnesium. If you want to avoid the effects of hard water, we strongly recommend installing a water softener.

Chlorine Injection System

Next up is the chlorine injection system. This system injects small amounts of chlorine into water as it passes through. It’s generally used in tandem with well water, as city water is generally already void of the contaminants that these systems eliminate.

The contaminants that can be treated with a chlorine injection system include iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, and bacteria. By removing these contaminants, chlorine injection systems produce water that smells better, tastes better, has fewer water staining capabilities, and is overall safer for consumption.

Hydrogen Peroxide Injection System

The hydrogen peroxide injection system is almost identical to the chlorine injection system. The main difference is that it injects hydrogen peroxide as opposed to chlorine.

Its benefits are essentially identical as well. It removes hydrogen sulfide, iron, manganese, and bacteria, thereby offering the same benefits offered by the chlorine injection system. Again, it’s most typically used in tandem with well water.

For more information on these two systems, give us a call. We can explain everything you need to know.

Iron Filtration System

The iron filtration system is a non-chemical system that removes iron and manganese from water. Like the chemical injection systems reviewed above, it’s most commonly used in tandem with well water.

The benefits offered by the iron filtration system include better-tasting water, less mineral buildup, and reduced water staining. In cases where iron and manganese content are exceedingly high, iron filtration systems are sometimes used in concert with chemical injection systems.

Reverse Osmosis System

The last system we’re going to discuss is the reverse osmosis system. This system removes essentially every contaminant imaginable — from minerals, to chemicals, to bacteria, and more. In doing so, it makes water highly pure and drinkable.

Reverse osmosis systems are intended for drinking water purposes, specifically. They’re not typically used to purify a home’s entire water supply. If you’re looking for a steady stream of drinking water on tap, a reverse osmosis system can provide just that. Give us a call and we’ll get one set up for you!

Looking to Install a Water Conditioning System in Medinah, Illinois?

Are you interested in purifying your water? Looking to install a water conditioning system in Medinah, Illinois? If so, we here at Johnson Water Conditioning are the people to see.

We offer a variety of water conditioning systems, including all of the systems reviewed above.

Contact us today to request a quote!

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