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Water Purification in Long Grove: Reviewing Your Purification Options

Water purification system in a house in Long Grove, IllinoisMany homeowners know that they want to purify their water. However, the only problem is, they are often not sure which types of purification systems are available. Fortunately, we can help with that.

Below, we’re going to review the most common forms of water purification in Long Grove, helping you decide which would best suit you and your home.

Reverse Osmosis

Are you interested in implementing a steady stream of highly purified drinking water? If so, you should consider installing a reverse osmosis system. These systems remove almost all of the contaminants from water supplies, making water as smooth and as thirst-quenching as possible.

Not only do reverse osmosis systems remove minerals like calcium and iron, but chemicals, bacteria, and basic sediment as well. As such, they have the power to transform potentially dangerous water into entirely safe water.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that these systems aren’t efficient enough to accommodate a whole home’s water needs. They’re designed specifically for drinking water purposes. If you want further purification, you’ll need to supplement it with other purification systems.

Water Softening

Here in Long Grove, we have some of the hardest water in the country. What is hard water, you might be wondering? It’s water with a high content of calcium and magnesium. Unfortunately, it can cause a number of problems, including skin and hair issues, mineral buildup, and a lack of soap suds.

Fortunately, there’s a water purification system that can eliminate calcium and magnesium from your water supply. This system is known as the water softener, and it’s hugely popular in the Long Grove area.

Water softeners make use of a process called ion-exchange to eliminate every bit of calcium and magnesium in water. They’re highly effective, and they will improve your water’s quality throughout the entirety of your home.

Chemical Injection System

If you use a well instead of getting your water from the city, you should consider utilizing a chemical injection system. This is a system that injects chemicals into its corresponding water supply as a means of neutralizing iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, and coliform bacteria. Not only does it prevent water staining, poor tastes, and unpleasant smells, but it also keeps water safe for consumption.

There are two types of chemical injection systems — these include chlorine injection systems and hydrogen peroxide injection systems. They work in the same general way, but they have some slight differences (give us a call for more information on these differences).

In any case, if you have a well on your property, it’s strongly recommended that you make use of one of these systems. Failure to do so could lead to you consuming unhealthy water.

Iron Filtration System

Another purification system that’s often used in tandem with well water is the iron filtration system. This is a non-chemical system that filters out iron as it passes through, and it’s ideally used in situations where iron content is excessive.

You will sometimes see iron filtration systems used in tandem with chemical injection systems. Note, though, that they can be used independently as well.

The benefits of iron filtration systems? Reduced water staining, improved water taste, and improved water smell, all without the use of external chemicals. It’s important to note, however, that iron filtration systems can’t remove potentially harmful bacteria.

Need Water Purification in Long Grove, Illinois?

If you’re reading this blog post, it’s likely because you need water purification in Long Grove. If so, we here at Johnson Water Conditioning can help.

We offer all of the purification options discussed above, and we’ve provided these services to countless home and business owners throughout the Long Grove area. Our team would be more than happy to assist you as well.

Contact us today to discuss your needs!

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