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Dealing with Water Stains? Gain Some Insights from a Barrington Water Purification and Softening Company

White limescale buildup on a bathroom sink faucet in Barrington, IllinoisA sure sign that your water has contaminants is that random stains are showing up on your clothing and/or shower fixtures. These stains are known as water stains, and they can be caused by a variety of different contaminants (with each contaminant resulting in a different color of stain).

Are you dealing with these stains? Trying to figure out which contaminant is causing them? If so, then you’re in the right place. We’re going to discuss all of the possibilities below.

White Stains

One of the most common water stain colors you’ll encounter is white. This stain presents itself as white limescale, in particular. This type of water stain comes about as a result of the hard minerals, which are calcium and magnesium.

When water containing these minerals evaporates, the minerals are left behind, appearing as the chalky, white substance that is limescale. Generally speaking, you’ll notice white limescale on metal entities like sinks, faucets, and showerheads.

How can you do away with white limescale? A water softener alone should solve the problem.

Blue Stains

Maybe you’ve seen blue or dark green stains on your sinks, tubs, toilets, or fixtures? If so, there’s a good chance that your water has a pH imbalance.

A pH imbalance is a problem because it causes water pipes to corrode. Over time, this corrosion can cause the pipe to flake off into the water supply. When this occurs, blue stains start to show up on surfaces that the water has come into contact with.

A water pH imbalance comes about from copper pipes, in particular. The solution? Correcting your pH imbalance. Fortunately, there are systems that can do this for you.

Red Stains

Dealing with red or dark orange stains on your bathtub or toilet bowl? If so, there’s likely an excess of iron in your water. This iron is being left behind after your water evaporates. Then, as time passes, it’s oxidizing, presenting itself in that reddish/orangish hue you’ve come to know.

Want to get rid of these red stains? An iron filter or a chemical injection system will solve the problem. You can call your local water purification company to ask about getting one installed.

Pink Stains

Do you get your water from a well? If so, you might have, at some point, seen pink stains showing up on your many water-related appliances. There’s a simple reason for this: your water contains a color-inducing bacteria.

Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to remove this bacteria. All you have to do is add chlorine to your water supply. A chlorine injection system will get the job done.

Brown Stains

Have you discovered a slight brown tint showing up in your white clothing? Maybe you’ve seen brown stains on the walls of your shower? If so, manganese is likely the problem.

Like iron, manganese oxidizes once it has become exposed to air. As such, once the water around it evaporates, it turns into a brownish color, dragging down the aesthetics of everything it touches.

Fortunately, manganese can be fairly easily removed from a water supply. Generally speaking, a chemical injection system will get the job done.

Utilize the Services of a Barrington Water Purification Company?

Looking to get rid of the water staining in your home? Hoping to utilize the services of a Barrington water softening company? If so, Johnson Water Conditioning has you covered.

Regardless of the types of stains you’re dealing with, our team can help you neutralize them. We offer a variety of conditioning systems, including water softeners, iron filtration systems, and chemical injection systems, to name just a few.

Contact us today to get started!

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