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Dealing with Water Issues? Here are Some Water Purification Systems That Could Help You in Western Springs

Water purification system at a house in Western Springs, IllinoisMaybe your water is leaving stains on your clothing? Perhaps mineral buildup is reducing the water pressure in your home? Whatever the case may be, if you’re reading this article, you’re probably dealing with some water issues.

The question you may have now is: what can you do to put an end to these issues? The answer: water purification systems! By installing water purification systems in your home, you can remove just about all of the contaminants that are affecting your water.

Are you curious as to the types of water purification systems that are available to you in Western Springs, Illinois? Read below to find out.

Water Softeners in Western Springs

Depending on your location, your water could be filled with excess amounts of calcium and magnesium. Unfortunately, these two minerals work together to make water “hard”. The problem with this? Hard water has a number of negative effects.

Not only does hard water result in limescale buildup, pipe buildup, and skin and hair issues, but it also wreaks havoc on water-based appliances, causing them to break down far before their time.

The solution: installing a water softener. A water softener will eliminate all of the calcium and magnesium from your water supply, ensuring that it’s soft and functionally optimal.

Reverse Osmosis System

Are you not satisfied with the taste of your water? If so, it’s likely due to a number of contaminants. Want to remove these contaminants? A reverse osmosis system is just what you need.

Reverse osmosis systems are specifically designed to create pure and thirst-quenching drinking water. They remove essentially every contaminant that a water supply contains, making it as clean as possible.

One thing to note here is that reverse osmosis systems lack the efficiency to accommodate a home’s entire water supply. As a result, they’re generally used in tandem with other systems.

Chlorine Injection System

Do you get your water from a well? If so, it likely contains its own unique combination of contaminants. These contaminants likely include not only calcium and magnesium, but also iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, coliform bacteria, and a variety of others.

As you might expect, these contaminants can have a number of negative effects. Whereas iron and manganese can cause stains and poor tastes, hydrogen sulfide can cause poor smells, and coliform bacteria can cause sickness. As such, its highly recommended that you have them eliminated from your water supply.

Fortunately, there are systems that are specifically designed for this. These systems are called chemical injection systems, and they work by periodically injecting chemicals into their corresponding water supplies.

There are two primary types of chemical injection systems that are available: chlorine injection systems, and hydrogen peroxide injection systems. These systems are similar to each other, but they have some small differences. Contact us for more information about each type!

Iron Filtration System

The last filtration system we’re going to discuss is the iron filtration system. This is a non-chemical system that removes iron and manganese from water. It’s most commonly used for water wells, as city water generally doesn’t contain iron and manganese.

Iron filtration systems are often used in tandem with chemical injection systems. By using both together, they take the load off of one another, improving the efficiency and lifespan of the systems.

Need a Water Purification System in Western Springs, Illinois?

Are you interested in installing any of the systems reviewed above? Looking for water purification systems in Western Springs, Illinois? If so, Johnson Water Conditioning is the company to call.

We’ve installed water purification systems in countless Western Springs area homes. Regardless of your purification needs, we can accommodate you.

Contact us today to get the process started!

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