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The Effects of Manganese and Iron in Water: Insights from a Carpentersville Water Softening and Purification Company

Water softening company in Carpentersville, IllinoisIf you get your home’s water from a well, you almost certainly have to deal with iron and manganese. These two minerals are common in well water, and they are known to give it a number of negative effects.

Are you curious as to what these effects are? Then read on. This Carpentersville water purification company has you covered.

How Do Iron and Manganese Get into Water?

You might be wondering how iron and manganese get into water in the first place? Simply put, they come from the soil. Soil is filled with all sorts of minerals, with iron and manganese being two of the most prominent.

As such, when water is brought up from the soil, iron and manganese come along with it. Though you can’t typically see iron and manganese in your water, if you have well water, it’s almost certainly there.

Why doesn’t city water contain iron and manganese? Because city water is treated before it reaches your pipes, and the vast majority of iron and manganese are removed.

What Are the Effects of Iron and Manganese in Water?

Iron and manganese in water causes a number of effects. The most prominent of these effects include the following:

Water Staining

Perhaps the most noticeable of iron and manganese’s effects is its water staining effect. If you see brown or orange stains on your shower walls, faucets, or clothing, they’re likely coming from excess amounts of iron and manganese in your water.

Metallic Tasting Water

It’s hard to describe what metal tastes like, but you tend to know it when you taste it. If your water has a metallic taste, it’s almost certainly inundated with excess amounts of iron and manganese.

Mineral Buildup

Like all minerals in water, iron and manganese can lead to mineral buildup. In other words, they can cling to pipes and appliances over time, restricting water flow and impairing those pipes’ and appliances’ functionality.

How Do You Remove Iron and Manganese from Well Water?

When it comes to removing iron and manganese from well water, there are two options. They include the following:

Chemical Injection

One option is to use chemical injection, which is done by installing a chemical injection system. These systems periodically inject small amounts of chemicals into a corresponding water supply, neutralizing all of the iron and manganese contained within. One thing to note here is that they also eliminate hydrogen sulfide and coliform bacteria.

There are two types of chemical injection systems: chlorine injection systems and hydrogen peroxide injection systems. If you would like to learn more about either type, give us a call.

Iron Filtration

The other option to remove iron and manganese is through iron filtration. This is done by installing an iron filtration system, which is a device that filters out iron and manganese as they pass through. It’s non-chemical in nature, and it doesn’t do anything to eradicate hydrogen sulfide or coliform bacteria.

Many well owners will use both an iron filtration system and a chemical injection system, as they can help each other to run more efficiently, and they produce greater results overall. Not to mention, chemical injection systems provide benefits that iron filtration systems don’t provide.

If you’re looking for more information on how to get iron and manganese out of your well water, contact us. We’ll be happy to speak with you about which option best suits your situation.

Need a Carpentersville Water Softening and Water Purification Company?

Is there iron and manganese in your water? Are you looking for a Carpentersville water purification and water softening company? If so, we here at Johnson Water Conditioning can help.

We’re well-versed when it comes to treating iron and manganese-filled water. We can have your water purified in no time.

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