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Water Softening in Frankfort, Illinois: The Basics

Water softening system at a house in Frankfort, IllinoisHere in Frankfort, Illinois, water tends to be on the “hard” side. For this reason, many Frankfort homeowners choose to install a water softener to eliminate the effects of hard water.

Do you want to learn how a water softener works?  Are you interested in installing a water softener in Frankfort, Illinois? We’re going to discuss everything you’ll need to know below.

How Does a Water Softener Work?

A water softener operates based on a process known as ion exchange. This is when positively charged ions are exchanged for negatively charged ions. When it comes to water softening, sodium ions are exchanged for calcium and magnesium ions, thus removing calcium and magnesium from the water.

To facilitate this exchange within the water softener, resin beads are used. These hold sodium ions, which then exchange with calcium and magnesium ions as they pass through.

How does sodium end up on the resin beads? It comes from softener salt. This salt must be added manually to the system every month or so.

The Benefits of Water Softening

There are several benefits you will enjoy when you install a water softener in Frankfort, Illinois. The main benefits include the following:

Eliminates Limescale

One benefit of the water softener is that it eliminates limescale. Limescale is a white, powdery substance that shows up on metal water-based appliances. It’s essentially just a small pile of calcium and magnesium particles that become noticeable after water evaporates from the surface.

Limescale doesn’t hurt anything. However, many homeowners find it unsightly. As such, if you want your home to look as tidy as possible, you should consider installing a water softener.

Eliminates Pipe Buildup

Calcium and magnesium don’t just end up on the outsides of metal water-based appliances. They also end up on the insides of water pipes, clinging to them and building up over time.

The issue with this is that, as accumulation increases, there will be less room for water to flow through the pipes. As a result, the water pressure dips.

By installing a water softener, you can prevent calcium and magnesium from accumulating within your water pipes. This will help maintain the pressure of your water and help keep your plumbing system in good shape.

Protects the Skin and Hair

Calcium and magnesium don’t react well with the human body. Not only do they clog skin pores and prevent the secretion of necessary body oils, but they also cling to the hair, causing it to stiffen up. This can lead to several problems, including (but not limited to) acne, eczema, split ends, broken hair, and more.

Want your hair and skin to be as healthy as possible? You should install a water softener in your Frankfort home. A water softener will remove the calcium and magnesium from your water, which will result in less irritation for your skin and hair.

Allows More Soap Suds

It’s tough to clean things if you can’t produce soap suds. Unfortunately, when calcium and magnesium are in water, they disturb the chemical reaction between water and soap, resulting in a lack of suds.

Need more suds? If so, you should install a water softener. This will remove the calcium and magnesium from your water, allowing for optimal suds and thorough cleaning.

Looking for the Premier Water Softening Company in Frankfort, Illinois?

Are you ready to install a water softener in Frankfort, Illinois? If so, you’re in the right place. The team at Johnson Water Conditioning is here to help.

Our technicians have installed water softening systems in countless homes and commercial properties throughout the Frankfort area. Regardless of the size of your water supply, we can accommodate you. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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